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Best models of 2013 for ODDA magazine

client: ODDA Magazine
source: oddamagazine.com
published: September 2013

In this picture:

John Todd

Credits for this picture:

Aline & Jacqueline Tappia (Photographer)

David Martin (Casting Director)

Other people in this work:

Andy Walters - Model

Benoni Loos - Model

Demy Matzen - Model

Dominik Bauer - Model

Emilio Flores - Model

Greg Nawrat - Model

Hao Yun Xiang - Model

Harry Goodwins - Model

Jacey Elthalion - Model

James Smith - Model

Jamie Wise - Model

Linus Gustin - Model

Lucas Mascarini - Model

Matt Woodhouse - Model

Miles Langford - Model

Otto Pierce - Model

Ryan Taylor - Model

Sascha Weissenborn - Model

Thorben Gartner - Model

Timothy Kelleher - Model

Tom Barker - Model

Tommy Marr - Model

Travis Bland - Model

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