Honor S/S 14 Show

client: Honor
source: forums.thefashionspot.com
published: September 2013

In this picture:

Jamily Wernke Meurer

Credits for this picture:

Leith Clark (Fashion Editor/Stylist)

James Pecis (Hair Stylist)

Other people in this show:

Anastasia Ivanova - Model

Anna Martynova - Model

Antonina Petkovic - Model

Antonina Vasylchenko - Model

Asia Piwka - Model

Charlotte Nolting - Model

Clarice Vitkauskas - Model

Cora Emmanuel - Model

Daphne Velghe - Model

Ewa Wladymiruk - Model

Jasmine Tookes - Model

Joanna Tatarka - Model

Josephine Skriver - Model

Kate Bogucharskaia - Model

Kayley Chabot - Model

Mackenzie Drazan - Model

Maddison Brown - Model

Maja Salamon - Model

Maria Borges - Model

Marine Deleeuw - Model

Matilda Lowther - Model

Mijo Mihaljcic - Model

Nova Malanova - Model

Steffi Soede - Model

Tian Yi - Model

Valery Kaufman - Model

Companies associated with this show:

Production Company: Navia Vision

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