Alexandre Herchcovitch

Alexandre Herchkovitch F/W 14 Show

client: Alexandre Herchcovitch
published: February 2014

In this picture:

Vik Kukandina

Credits for this picture:

Alexandre Herchcovitch (Designer)

Other people in this show:

Ali Walsh - Model

Anne-Sophie Monrad - Model (Opened)

Bruna Ludtke - Model

Carolina Thaler - Model

Courtney Shallcross - Model

Cristina Piccone - Model

Daiane Conterato - Model (Closed)

Dani Witt - Model

Giuliana Caramuto - Model

Kate Somers - Model

Ling Ling - Model

Lovani Pinnow - Model

Margarita Pugovka - Model

Marihenny Pasible - Model

Marina Heiden - Model

Monika Jablonczky - Model

Muriel Beal - Model

Paula Mulazzani - Model

Vanessa Moreira - Model

Victoria Anderson - Model

Companies associated with this show:

Production Company: Navia Vision

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