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Everything is coming together for CLICK in its tightly edited SS/10 Show Package. With the red hot Lyndsey Scott front and center and classic beauty Ubah Hassan looking stellar the agency positions itself as a source for girls with the kind of instantaneous it-factor that keeps clients coming back for more.

Lyndsey Scott


Maren Stavinoha

Jeanette Thevenin

Lisa Cady

Laura Waidlich

Anastasiya Karter

Victoria Hicks

Brittany Clay

Caitlin Collings

Dani Evans

Megan Parkhurst

Amber Ahlquist

Jourdana Phillips

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» View all Agencies Show Packages here

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  1. van skye™ says:

    go lindsey ….


  2. Aaniqua says:

    Dani is so fierce. Girls of color represent.

  3. lola says:

    Perfection :)

  4. KatModel says:

    Good things come in small packages?

  5. Antonio Barros says:
  6. PR says:

    agree with kat model. so excited to see how will lindsey go as well as ubah.

  7. Mark says:

    Love the images on Lyndsey and Magan. They both look the best in this package.

  8. christian says:

    Mmmm..even though she is a girl from Top Model, a show which I simply hate..I have to give it to Dani Evans in this package. She’s definitely trying to set herself apart from all the others and actually make it as a successful model. Wish her the best this season!

  9. Oleg Igorin says:

    Fantastic model!

  10. Aaron says:

    Some of you don’t read. This is Lindsey Scott, not Dani Evans.

  11. Aaron says:

    My mistake. I only saw the Lindsey page!

  12. photogPL TotalAccess says:

    Lyndsey Scott…..going PLACES

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