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  1. ronnie peterson says:

    Like him a lot!

  2. raie says:

    i cant believe mitch is doing fashion week!! isn’t he like 13??

  3. Party Marty says:

    oh yeah i remember seeing a post about Mitch saying he was 13. crazy indeed…

  4. Christopher Y says:

    WOW, these boys!!! Casey Taylow… DAMN! ;)

  5. Amber says:

    13?!?! Come on, that’s just ridiculous. I already have a hard time falling out of love with models when I find out they’re 16 and 17. I don’t want to look at little boys. I want a man!

  6. P_z says:

    Ryan Taylor, Mat Gordon and Andrew Smith! the best of

  7. Devz says:

    Why havnt the other show packages been posted yet??

  8. What Management says:

    Great looks.. and nice write up on the boys for DNA…. Lets not forget… Model Nils Lawton… Did more shows than any boys!!! Versace, Cavalli,D2quared,John Richmond…. Think this should be noted… Go Nils!!!! and Love Matt Gordon Such a nice guy!!!

  9. andreanna says:


  10. Max says:

    Dna is really one the best agency of NYC, all great models.
    CoverMen Mag! has just posted a new interview of Mark Cox, he has been modeling for 1 year only and he is in the top50 of this website:


  11. Ryan Thalion says:

    Absolutely amazing! He’s going to be a rockstar!

  12. Jovi Monreve says:


  13. Laura Lombard says:

    Wow! Mike’s changed quite a bit since we were in high school!

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