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CLICK (New York) S/S 2015 Show Package


Lauren Layne

Chantal Monaghan

Allison Millar

Karly McNeil

Joanna Przytula



Molly Gay

Courtney Pizzimenti

Hannah -Lutterbach

May Simon

Gabriella Powelek

Maddy Pace

Anna Kanehara

Emi Perry

Claudia Ruff

Pille Fellas

Scarlett Shoeffling

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  1. laura B says:

    Johanna looks interesting.

  2. fashioncow84 says:

    Is this a copy of grindr or…?

  3. Morgan says:

    Whoever thought of the idea that the showcards should like Grindr profiles should be fired.

  4. instafashion says:


  5. ELiot Spencer says:

    I dont get it.

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