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  1. sean says:

    ok was it just me or did this package make me HUNGRY! lol

  2. miguel says:

    Madison, Nika Cole, Tian Yi, Senait, Katryn, Antonina.

  3. Max says:

    Montana, Jac, Alexandra Agoston & Amanda Murphy

  4. mea culpa says:

    This show package is fantastic!

  5. Alfonso says:

    Where’s Joan :(

  6. Alfonso says:

    No Lily, Candice, Anja, or Karmen either? Unless maybe some are exclusives?

  7. Luciano says:

    Já vi essa arte nos cards da Ford Models Brasil na coleção passada! Falta de criatividade!

  8. Luciano says:

    I saw the same art on Ford Models Brasil Show Pack last collection… PATETIC!!!

  9. laura B says:

    I thought Betty was at ONE. She did an amazing show season with them and she bounced to IMG so quickly?

  10. ebencipe says:

    TAylor Hill , MOntana and Andreea are going to kill the NYFW. I was surprised to know that Jacquelyn Jablonski is now with IMG.


  11. sebastian says:

    Where is catalina llanes? So sad :/

  12. Tim says:

    All the girls bounce to IMG so quickly while the other agencies made them big.. Jasmine, Jacquelyn, Betty… :( these hoes aint loyal

  13. Jeremy Nathaniel says:

    The most beautiful girls of IMG are JAC JAGACIAK + DEVON WINDSOR and they’ll be in NEW YORK FASHION WEEK is so amazing;)

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