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May 24th, 2005 by trang chuong | Hot Stuff
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Summer is just around the corner with the onset of Memorial Weekend and the hunt for the perfect shades is on. Which frames to choose from, metal or plastic? Both are great options but I’d go for the plastic ones. They’re more summer friendly since they won’t break or bend as readily as metal frames when you’re tossing them in your bag or wearing them while you frolic about doing fun summer activities. The coolest (and best selling) sunglasses out now belong to a brand called Dita. Their vintage inspired frames are a big hit with the celebrities (think Mary Kate and Ashley). My particular favorite is The Lotus. They’re funky and stylish with their two-toned red and honey tortoise palette and the shape of the frame is simply flattering, $150.

Available at DisRespectacles, 117 West Broadway, between , (212) 608-8892 or disrespectacles.com

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