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April 8th, 2009 by wayne | Girls, Model News
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Daul Kim/ Elite New York, d’management group Milan, Marilyn Agency Paris.

Elite’s Daul Kim shows off her chameleon quality, shifting into a new hair color just to keep us all on full Daul alert! She’s a unique spirit and that’s what make fashion, fashion no?

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  1. paul1 says:


  2. kc says:

    gawd she’s gorg.

  3. Kitson says:

    Love it!

  4. simplylovely says:

    I get real if-ey about asian and black models dying their hair blond or any light color. But blonde actually looks really good on Daul in these polos shots!

  5. Jazmin says:

    Love it!

  6. Alvin says:

    Hmmm… Daul will definitely stand out as an “asian-blonde” girl ala Rila Fukushima, but the dark hair still suits her ^^ I hope the new color will improve her catwalk gigs Go Daul!!!

  7. Daniel says:

    wow that actually kind of works

  8. kenny says:

    ahhh very rila f.! i like

  9. raie says:

    i like it the way it was before

    it set her apart

    now shes just 1 of the sea of blonds

  10. angus says:

    this is killer
    i hope her career skyrockets, she can do no wrong

  11. anna says:

    i like her better before

    its to blonde for her

  12. Boris says:

    Daul Kim look absolutely stunning.the best asian model EVER!!!!!XXB

  13. Lynn says:

    No offense, but I think Rila Fukushima has pulled this look off way better than Daul.
    I lOVE Daul but the color I am am not feeling:(

  14. tony long says:

    it works for me!

  15. ezieeeeee says:

    she is a star!!!!

  16. cristina maria says:

    dont like it at all…it’s against nature. everybody knows that asians cant be blonde.they look good with dark hair but blonde they look lifeless. its ok for an european to experience different colors but not for them. they are gorgeous the way they are

  17. bloggerquest says:

    this could make her or break her! but i think it will make her even bigger than she is now, looks like a great move!!

  18. James xoxo says:

    OMG daul can pull off anything because she’s daul f’kin kim

  19. Rumor has it says:

    Daul has been confirmed for many cool editorials this week

  20. Amour says:

    Rila looks cheap but Daul’s blonde looks expensive and brings out her strong features J’adore!

  21. Aaron says:

    YES! this is so major. she looks amazing with the blonde hair, gives her features even more of an austere air. i’m sure her bookings are going to skyrocket. can’t wait to see what comes down the pike.

  22. lubo says:

    “she is a star!!!!”

    um, she just got a hair color change, its not like she accomplished anything by acquiring a cheap, synthetic look.

    dont worry Daul, this is 100% reversible!!

    ps: i dont love you

  23. Lee says:

    “Daul’s blonde looks expensive” thats hilarious! I don’t think so, I think it looks everything but expensive.

  24. Whodunnit? says:

    Oh, this is fun.
    I think it really suits her, and I can’t wait to see the editorials to follow.

  25. MDC_375372 says:

    That the second one down did not like but the other two was great i will give you a 100%……………………sr

  26. Thom says:

    Love the blog – Love the new doo – Love that face.

  27. PYTMEDIA.COM says:

    Daul looks super, undeniably gorgeous with the bleached hair. It totally suits her and her personality. I hope her bookings skyrocket!!!!!

  28. Derek says:

    OMG! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! My jaw dropped when I read the headline, but it’s fantastic, really.

  29. mandamonster says:

    I don’t know. Her natural dark coulour was relatively striking- this looks a bit cheap.

  30. Sara says:

    OMG! that´s so an usually. But that is what makes me like it!

  31. manje says:

    FIERCE! daul’s blonde does not look cheap at all. she looks expensive and beautiful! Everyone note this look!

  32. yojhi says:

    Love her new look ^_^

  33. MDC_375504 says:

    It was very risky to die her hair blonde.
    As you can see from the previous comments, people love it or hate it.
    There’s no in between.
    Personally, I think she looks gorgous no matter what.
    But it all depends on your taste.

  34. hyesoo says:

    i’m proud of her that she’s from korea as I am..
    love you!!

  35. Lee sa rang says:

    She’s good!!!!!!

  36. bin moon says:

    i am kind of angry with the comment that a person wrote.
    that person said that koreans do not look good on blonde…but
    that is totally unfair..
    asians look gorgeous on blonde!!!!
    ps.i am korean

  37. greenz01 says:

    “it’s only ok for europeans to experience different colors but not others”. WTF type of ignorant bullshit is that?seriously.i’m asian myself and have dark hair and it pisses me off to hear people pass judgments on asians when they color their hair a different color than black. seriously, do you guys think you own the color yellow, or red for that matter? it also pisses me off that some white people assume that the reason why some asians dye their hair blonde or red is because they want to be caucasian(in appearance).that may be the case for a few people but trust me, not all asians think that way. We like to experiment and try new hairdos/hair color too. We’re humans too. you see. so stop telling us what hair color we should stick to.it’s out f*&^$ hair. we’ll do what we want to.

  38. Kestrel says:

    greenzo1, could not have said it better myself. Europeans don’t have to be the only one to have different hair colors, asians have great hair and can express anyway we want to!!! Red, blonde, and even pink, it doesn’t matter, cuz we’ll look fabulous in any hair color we dye it in, no matter what!!!
    p.s.- Daul looks great!!!

  39. Martisha says:

    I quite like it.

  40. muzikalkidd says:

    YESSS!!! she looks awesome…

  41. cristina maria says:

    that’s not what i meant. i am married to an asian and i have kids with him(both with dark hair). i think asians look amazing and black fits them best..not any other color..but that’s my oppinion

  42. debby says:

    nice and pretty

  43. kirsten says:

    dark hair: suites her better
    blonde hair: more striking
    the end.

  44. sawyer says:

    hate the hair color

  45. flaneur says:


    if you go to parts of asia, there are people with freckles, red hair, sandy hair, brown hair, and BLONDE…grey eyes, hazel, blue eyes, amber…
    believe it or not..yes,
    we just don’t scout in these places as a result of proximity, the cold war, market, etc etc etc

    educate yourselves.

    besides…most caucasian platinum blondes arent even real blondes either unless they can trace back to north europe, or hey: albinism is found all peoples of the world.

    and I dont care if you are married to an asian, who are you to say what looks appropriate on other races who aren’t your children?

  46. Zoe says:


  47. eddy says:

    FEIRCE! work it girl!

  48. Gen says:

    No. Doesn’t look good at all. She is beautiful but the blonde needs to go!

  49. yojhi says:

    Love daul’s hair!

  50. going_blonde says:

    totoally agree with greenz01& flaneur!!! i’m constantly have to defend myself with such comments on Asians that i’m really sick of it!!! i heard many times when western journalists commenting on that actress from China (can’t remember her name) as being THE Asian beauty – basically meaning ‘Asian’ from the Western viewpoint cos she’s the stereotypical Asian woman – no curve, short, ‘delictate’, boring straight black hair, boring ‘cute’ face…bla bla bla (plus going out with an old rich American as many western men think Asian women like that). well i don’t care about her person life, but who the hell are those western ppl that can make such judgement on the ‘ideal Asian beauty’?!

    Modern Asian women are aspired to the facsinating world of high fashion and beauty just as much as western girls, we love trying out different looks with hair, makeup, clothes…etc. and guess what! we have tall, curvy, sexy girls too and some of us have naturally curly or brown hair!!! and some of us are naturally as pale as Caucasions!!!

    anyway, well done Dual! frankly i don’t see the western world will change soon about their steretypes on Asian beauties. but whatever! i am who i am, i’m pround to be an Asian and i’m prounder to be a non stereotypical Asian woman!

  51. MDC_377621 says:

    This reminds me of the blonde girl from old Janet Jackson “IF” video
    who is checked out by the guy who also turns out to be blonde under his cool hat. Really striking girl!

  52. MDC_23348 says:

    DAul is AmaZing!~ sHe iz da beSt

  53. amoure says:

    omg…. DAUL KIM on her way of becoming an icon… Thanks Daul Kim and MDC for this refreshing moment in F~A~S~H~I~O~N~!!

  54. joan says:

    wow…so striking Daul Kim! i love her

  55. Xoxo says:

    She looks great blonde! i always Loved daul but now i love her even more

  56. faSHiOn says:

    D~is for Dynamic
    A~is for Amazing
    U~is for Ultra fabulous
    L~is for Longevity

  57. lily says:

    i see lots of koreans. love ya.:)

  58. 김민선 says:

    아, 예쁘다,,,,^^ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 금발도 섹시해, 그래도 까만머리가제일예뻐여!ㅎ

  59. jeon hyeong says:

    I’m really proud that i’m south koean!!!! ^^
    Go GO DAUl!!

  60. Apple says:

    I never saw u for ma eyes..That’s 2 bad.
    I wish U’ll be happy, up there.

  61. heejin says:


  62. ottawa says:

    she was absolutely beautiful

  63. Mathew says:

    I am devastated at the loss.

  64. O YU says:

    she’s my idol..
    come back to me now..
    you make me crazy.
    I miss you so much..

  65. e says:

    omg.. i miss her so much

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