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April 11th, 2005 by wayne | Model News
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Models: Hannelore/Vision, Marios/DNA – Ph: Laurie Bartley for Flair April 05
Interesting things are brewing in the model managament business with a fleet of companies shopping for new offices and several new alliances taking shape. New on the radar is the venture between Vision’s Christina Park and Bobby Kreusler formerly of Wilhelmina . The new team is now driving an aggressive expansion of the haute editorial Vision brand into the LA market, as Champagne Trott has now been acquired by Vision Models. Vision Los Angeles is now headed by Francine Champagne, a former director of Elite LA and the founder of Champagne Trott while Vision Men is now led by Allen Osbourne who formerly was the Director Of Wilhelimna Men in Los Angeles. And it seems the brewing doesn’t end there. Stay tuned for the full picture!

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