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December 14th, 2012 by Janelle | Model News
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Gorgeous NAOUMIE EKIKO Q Model Management NY takes a whiff of the aromatherapy candles

Let’s not kid ourselves, the holidays can be stressful – the traveling, the food preparation, the shopping, sometimes it just leaves you feeling a little out of sorts or at the very least, slightly drained. If you’re looking for a quick zen moment during the hustle and bustle, why not take a moment to light a candle. Neal’s Yard Organics Aromatherapy Candles will put you in a good mood, or at the very least take the edge off as you relax. Added bonus, the candles are organic and free of petroleum so they burn clean and you don’t get soot everywhere.

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  1. Courtney Bailey says:

    she looks crazy in the last pic lol

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