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February 9th, 2009 by contributor | Model News
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She’s baaaaack. 2009 is the year for old favorites, all the familiar faces we loved are coming back to modeling and it only makes the game more interesting. Latest girl to rejoin the ranks of the modeling elite is Jessica Miller. She of the hypnotic gaze and perfectly nearly waist length locks has returned just in time for show season and she looks impeccable as ever. Some things never change.

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  1. Natan says:


  2. jeremydante says:

    is she related to sienna?; i see similar facial features
    – great shape.

  3. photorama says:

    she’s FANTASTIC!!! what a BEAUTY!!! hypnotic!!!

  4. photorama says:

    I have never seen a more beautiful girl in my life… she’s the ULTIMATE Next face… Next is incredible, they’re becoming the single best working agency in the world! And with the new Milan office, sky is the limit for them!

  5. Michael says:

    Pure, unadulterated Americana. No one moves quite like Jessica on film. I love her and cannot believe she’s back and looking THAT good.

  6. rider says:

    yes, i completely agree with photrama. next is getting all the good girls. stars to be. next is the best place for development of a model. isn’t it exciting, next milan!!! the news is fantastic! competition!

    she is gorgeous, pure image of next girl. hair, eyes, posing, … !!!

  7. K says:


  8. delldell says:

    This girl is the definition of chameleon. Excellent.

  9. Ambigous says:

    she look empty and vacant. what happened to her? she was really Famous and just disappeared. Glad she’s back, she has the moves!

  10. Ambigous says:

    FYI: blank and Vacant (see above comment), i mean that in a good way lol, where designers can channel whatever they want to a model, like a Blank Canvas.

  11. trumancapote says:

    just a goddes n in person she look even better……j adore jessica

  12. Hill says:


  13. Raimunde says:

    am so happy to have her just love jessica!

  14. Eamon says:

    Like Sissy Spacek, a girl you can get lost in – welcome back!

  15. DA says:

    “is she related to sienna?” HA! that comment made me laugh.

    Most of the time, girls come back because they ran out of money and need a job!! let’s be real here. Sure she’s gorgeous…

  16. Joe says:

    she looks better than ever!

  17. JT says:

    Hands down, alongside Christy Turlington, this girl is the most gorgeous woman to walk the Earth!! The face is sheer perfection!!!! NEXT is on top of the world, and with this beauty back, they just went up a little bit higher!!

  18. Ambigous says:

    who’s next? Jaqueta Wheeler? Bridget Hall? Trish Goff?

  19. paula says:

    Why did she take a break from modelling in the first place?! She is such a great model, I’m glad she’s back.

  20. Mario says:

    I’m in love with this woman :D flawless. glad she’s back.

  21. susvvvu says:

    whattttt! i didn’t even recognize her. holy shit! all the oldies are coming back!!! whooooo! i hope there’s more beauty on the run way…no more pubescent girls that look like aliens! can’t wait for this season!!

  22. Kitson says:

    Love This girl.. Although she was much more curvy back in the day, that was a huge appeal. soo sexy real woman.. Hopefully she will get that weight back.. Love her anyways.. SO Gorgeous!

  23. jonny says:

    i love her, i remember a Muse cover with jessica . amazing

  24. shannon says:

    I LOVE Jessica Miller even though her amazing curves are gone. Glad to see so many of Fashion Past coming back to show-up the new girls.

  25. leo says:

    WOW! I can’t believe it. Jessica 2.0 is serious this time. Ring Ring Vogue Paris, we need Emmanuelle Alt and Inez and Vinoodh on this pronto…kthxb

  26. Alan Nunes says:

    I love Jessica!!!
    I love her in the cover of the Numero 39

  27. Mario says:

    @Kitson…you’re right …she is skinnier now then before…she had the most beautiful ass in business :) I know that clothes look better on skinny ladies but this is just too much…

  28. kerabeaumill says:

    Jessica never left the beauty industry. She has done several front covers for many magazines and assorted editorial features. She is my favorite model. I always bring a photo of her when I visit the hair salon. I have the same length of hair and I am a man. I blame it all on her lol

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