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Portrait courtesy Ford Models

With star quality oozing from her every pore, Grace Mahary is an unmistakable presence on the runway and one of the season’s most dazzling beauties. The always astute Riccardo Tisci spotted her first and placed her in his Givenchy couture lineup. Though she has the dramatic looks to pull of Tisci’s high-concept couture, Grace can truly work any look. Whether she’s clad in Prada’s kawaii chic, strutting in Marc Jacobs’ seasonal stripes or making one of Oscar De La Renta’s elegant creations come to life, Grace is a natural.

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» View our complete Fashion Week coverage here

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  1. David says:

    LOVE HER!!! She really stand out on the runways and shoots! All the best for her!

  2. caitlin says:

    Wow! Shes stunning!

  3. brenda says:


  4. evr says:

    very cool look

  5. Jacob Abraham says:

    WOW, such greatful girl – I love her!!!

  6. Hele Ikimotu says:

    I love Grace! She’s always my favourite on the runway. Loved her at Pucci!

  7. Frankie says:

    Glad to see she is doing well.


  8. NAVELINE says:

    cool, i want to becom a model

  9. eden says:

    love this girl go grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. June says:

    Wow she is breath taking! I love her! Her runway walk is very good and her recent Vouge Italia picture is just outstanding! She is the next black supermodel!

  11. Scaret M says:

    Stunning girl! Hope her modelling career is nice and long – she deserves it!

  12. Scaret M says:

    Stunning girl! Hope her modelling career is nice and long – she deserves it!

  13. Sarah says:

    I remember this girl from Toronto Fashion Week Spring 2011! Haha she walked for Pink Tartan then, now she’s walking for Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Oscar de la Renta, and more now! She’s working her way up and people love her (as do I) ;) Best new comer of the Spring 2013 Season!

  14. Jeremy says:

    Wow this girl is breath taking! Glad she’s with IMG worldwide now. They’ll make her a Star.

  15. Stereo_Flow says:

    Great girl. Hope she does well in the future

  16. Mykayla says:

    Wow she is so beautiful and unique looking. Gonna keep on watching this girl.

  17. Stuart says:

    I saw her close Yves Saint Laurent and I wanted to know more about her! Then I saw her at Isabel Marant and my heart was stolen. Grace is so beautiful!

  18. Leena says:

    Grace is flawless! I can actually see her staying in the fashion industry as a top model for a long time! Grace, Ji Hye, Juliana, Iris Van Berne, and Nastya Kusakina are my top 5 favourite new comers!!! :)

  19. he says:

    so lovely!!!

  20. Kilin says:

    She gave me a kick ! I love her! Her atomosphere is amazing!

  21. Jessie says:

    She’s it! Love her! I can see her being the next black supermodel

  22. Noel says:

    Love her! She’s amazing. All the best to her.

  23. sara says:

    Love her and want to see more and mor……

  24. sara says:

    of her no one else

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