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Sophie/IMG Digitals courtesy of IMG

IMG’s Sophie burst on the model watching scene with a SS 09 Calvin exclusive in NY followed up by strong Milan and Paris bookings (the likes of Prada, Marni, Missoni, Chloe and Anne Demuelemeester). That visibility and the early editorial options on Ms. Srej mark her off as a key new face to watch.

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  1. chowchow says:

    She’s interesting. Sharp angles, and very different from the blondie bunch, but not too “odd”.

  2. Tilde Mariann says:

    She IS odd – but in a cool kind of way!

  3. redredruby78 says:

    A modern Ana Claudia…beautiful

  4. kimi says:

    oh god she look’s like tanya D

  5. jill says:

    yea she really does look like tanya D

  6. ryder says:

    sophie srej – loved her in milan.

  7. Ryan says:

    her lips ruin the look for me :(

  8. Eun seam Cho says:

    fragile face, strong features.
    A proper condition for top model

  9. kimi says:

    I really love Tanya D ,Of Course I love sophie too


    Is she the daughter of Marie Laforêt the famous french actress? GOSHHH she looks so much like her…She has got the perfect look to become a successful MODEL!

  11. mark100 says:

    i’ve looked at sophie’s other pics and polas, impressive! she has potential for being a top model. this particular picture doesn’t reveal her beauty.

  12. mark says:

    Can’t wait to see what happens next for her. But please delete that photo
    of her. Her lower lip has some quivering actions. Who took that photo?
    Not nice

  13. raie says:

    she has that alien look i really like :D

    just like tanya D

  14. Terence Fuller says:

    i love your face its so different.

  15. Rome Wilkerson says:

    I love her look, kinda wild in her eyes, elf like look.


  16. liela sun says:

    yes just like tanya D
    she has a lovely face.like baby^^

  17. evonne says:


  18. er says:

    too fish-like, idunno

  19. DaFp says:

    Wow… i’m completly out of words, extremly-exotic-beauty

  20. Zozó says:

    Éljenek a magyar lányok! Zsófinak bejött az élet! ;)

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