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  1. SAINT says:

    Go Orlando Lopez…you are truly a SAINT Model…Jamaica will be proud of you….He looks amazing! BRING HOME THE SHOWS!

  2. Facu MMM says:

    Lucas Mutinelli Goo!
    you are amazing, professional model.
    beijos, Facu and Vanessa :)

  3. yoogha1725 says:

    Wow.. Bunch of models..

  4. Bubbles says:


  5. Martinezy says:

    This Willy Bonaparte is one to be watched closely! Elite got many good ones, congrats!

  6. Esther says:

    Oriol Roberts is hooooooooooooot!

  7. helen says:

    I love him!!! Oh my good I find my angel!!

  8. fanpagedominiksos says:

    Dominik Sos is the hottest Person in the whole world!!!!

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