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  1. Rebecca says:

    Alisar is such a beauty!!!

  2. apriori says:

    want to see this legs on stage..

  3. Yasmine says:


  4. K says:

    I love Amanda W, she is a goddess

  5. Claire says:

    I am expecting big things from Amanda

  6. Ellie says:


  7. minh says:

    beautiful alisar

  8. PlaceA says:


  9. SAINT says:

    KIM GORDON is one of the most beautiful girls in the package. She should do well in London.SAINT INTERNATIONAL JAMAICA ROCKS!

  10. Philip says:

    Amanda Ware is absolutely gorgeous! This girl will rock in this industry.

  11. elena says:

    I thought Julia retired….?

  12. Joe says:

    I hope Julia retiring isn’t true but I did see it on the fashionspot .

  13. thefashionbambi says:

    Omg alisar really stands out! I would love to see her as motw its at least as Dailymotion Duo…. Gosh These lega! Amazing Andre so different from all those blondes… I want to see more off her!

  14. Lou0 says:

    oh how i love elite london

  15. rodrigo says:

    i think for a peruvian girl working in elite !! juana is outstanding

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