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June 13th, 2008 by wayne | Girls, Model News
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Sarah Stephens/Next Models NY  Image courtesy of Next NY

The Sarah Stephens parade has started and this Next beauty is fast out the blocks for the SS/09 sweepstakes. Here’s a peek of her first NY test but there are already a big block of editorial bookings looming  for this newcomer. Can you believe a new star season is starting already?

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  1. Tara says:

    She looks like Evangeline Lily; gorgeous!

  2. jasonKanner says:

    She reminds me of Liv Tyler when PAMELA HANSON would shoot her for Vogue Italy.
    She is a dead ringer for her when she was 14.

  3. raie says:

    like i said next is bringing their A game this season with all these incredible fresh face :D

  4. fashion-stylist says:


  5. ann says:

    she is just like an angel…

  6. katerina ivanova says:

    STUNNINGGGGGGGGGGG i love her already! Shes Australian right?

  7. Josh says:

    Those eyes!

  8. Leia says:

    She does remind me a little of Liv Tyler, but mostly of Jessica Paré.

  9. Indochine says:

    Would like to see her without the bang & her lip are gorgeous!


  10. photorama says:

    NEXT seems to have so many great new faces. Great work!

  11. Santamarina says:

    she is aussie!

  12. Neish says:

    She reminds me of a mix of Jennifer Garner and Rachel Bilson.
    Look at her other pictures, i guarantee you will see what I mean.


  13. DooDiva says:

    Yeah, I agree. Very strong resemblance of her between
    Jennifer Garner and Rachel Bilson.


  14. Tara says:

    She went to the same school i went to and she was always a great girl and student! Suprisingly she was a shy and quiet girl. Good on her for getting this far – i am sure that she will become a top model in the coming future!

  15. Jan says:

    She has a reaal beautifull face, and she looks like a nice girl. But to be honest, I find the commotion around her a bit excagerated. Almost all people that are starring in magazines these days are a bit to skinny to my taste. Plus, couse I know a little bit of art and stuff (a little bit), I know that the most fun pictures to make are off people who are less perfect. If you can make a realy beautifull picture of someone whith for example a lot of pimples or bald or has a skin desease. Then you can call yourself a very good photographer. But well that’s my opinion, and I just wanted to share that ;).



    ps: i just wrote a text here a bit out of frustration couse I think that magazines and programs want us to believe that these people are the people you have to be like, while i think you have to be and do what YOU want and YOU are not some woman or man in a magazine or program :p sorry for my ranting hope no one is offended.

  16. Tangent Magazine says:

    Tangent Magazine hearts Sarah Stephens!


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