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This tightly edited board of 25 young men means that much more attention will be paid to each of them by the top casting directors. With a classic top model like Anthony Vibert to new strong boys like Adrian Wlodarski and Chris Jones; Major Paris should be well represented for SS09.

Adrian Bleschke

Adrian Wlodarski

Alexis Roy

Alexis Vilchez

Andrei Cristian

Anthony Lumeau

Anthony Vibert

Ben Freeland




Cesar Casier

Chris Jones

Daniel Udowski

Dominik Wojcik

Emmanuel Martin

Erik O’ Ryan

Franco Amendola


Leo Kreysig

Marko Brozic

Michael Ehrlington


Robson Fosbinder

Ruben Rua

Shunei Hoshimi

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  1. Patar says:

    He’s also represented by Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency LA, right?

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