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Aymeline Valade : Digital courtesy of Women Direct

As the face of Alexander Wang SS11 and a recent ¬†editorial force in W and interview, Aymeline’s strong and refined beauty had already caught significant favor going into the FW11 shows. And as such, this was the season that Miss Valade found maximum runway relevancy for clients like ¬†Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Vuitton (which she opened), signaling that her early editorial and campaign traction is about to accelerate significantly for the upcoming season.

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  1. Franz says:

    yeah! miss Valade is finally here
    the girl that everyone was expecting

  2. Ewa says:

    finally a newcomer who’s 25 and not 15 :)

  3. Josh says:

    She really stands out on the runway. To me, she is a mix of Natasa Vojnovic & Alana Zimmer. I hope she does well.

  4. alejandro says:

    Love her look! Where is she from??

  5. trumancapote says:

    just 2 words… J ADORE

  6. Safari Disco Club says:

    So much charisma, so much presence and style.

  7. Christine Gatchalian says:

    She’s amazing! She moves so well. I shot her back in 2009:

  8. sarah says:

    She’s great. Hits on the androygny front too, just enough to carry interest.

  9. ricky says:

    Aymeline is a star!!
    Still waiting for dempsey and maud.

  10. Marijo Cobretti says:

    I posted a close up that i took of Aymeline Valade backstage at Sportmax

  11. myself says:

    i wouldnt mix her with anyone, maybe, you can compare alana and karen elson… but aymeline…in interview with tim blanks she rocked this girl have mind finaly someone who use more then 10words…she will beat arizona muse in a short time…i love arizona but this canudling with freja and sharing her 5min spotlight with her…freja never shared her 5min with anyone thats why she rocks more then 6years…
    back to basics VIVE AYMELINE!!!!

  12. Kat says:

    She is, in a word, PHENOMENAL.

  13. isshogai says:

    Aymeline is a big heart and a great model. I had shoot with her something like 3 times and was always in love with what she gived for the photos.

    It’s a pleasure to see that now she is at the top level of the Fashion world… world is changing and i’m happy to be here for see that

  14. brian says:

    Major !!!

  15. brian Keith Photography says:


  16. izaleys says:

    how old is she? 25 or 21? :)

  17. Ewa says:

    she’s 25, i’m sure

  18. Nigel S. says:

    Spectaculare’. So striking at Chanel.
    She has the face and presence that garners major success.
    Hopefully such comes to fruition.


    great face
    reminds of Liv Tyler

  20. Spirit Of The Alchemist says:

    SPIRIT OF THE ALCHEMST <3's AYMELINE VALADE! we also have a huge crush on her!!!!


  21. S says:

    Her second name is misspelled. It’s Valade.

  22. stephan says:

    Thanks! it’s updated…

  23. Dino says:

    She is beautiful , interesting look , versatile. Bright future awaits her . …. I am curious why Terese Pagh hasn’t been consider for the top 10 newcomers , She mesmerizes

  24. Rabia says:

    Nice eyes … Make me think that with time u could be at the top easy

  25. justin says:

    I thought of Very Farmiga when I initially saw her.

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