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Emily Baker Polaroid courtesy of DNA

From Calvin to Marc Collection, to Alexander Wang, Altuzarra, Preen and Narciso, Ms Baker made a massive first season statement in New York, the kind that has put this New Zealand native on the watch list of every major casting director, photographer and editor in the trade. And it is very inspiring to know Ms Baker has the personality to justify the buzz.

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  1. Liv says:

    The only real standout in New York this season. Not a big fan myself, but I get her appeal and she couldn’t be off to a more impressive start. I’m sure she’ll fare better than all of the billion bland Calvin exclusives.

  2. Franz says:

    She is gorgeous

  3. bamboo banga says:

    she is absolutely stunning!

  4. bamboo banga says:

    so far the best new face

  5. Franz says:

    i some way she reminds me of gisele you know? her face… i think she may have that supermodel quality too

  6. Ursula says:

    looking amazing Emily! knew you could do it!

  7. zanita says:

    amyline valade, zuzanna biljoch, codie young!!!!

  8. Nigel S. says:

    She is indeed gorgeous. The juxtaposiiton of her high cheek bones and her ears makes for a domineering face. Not to mention that pout and those eyes.

    Another stellar standout for me..and probably my favorite was Kate King.

  9. Models and Style says:

    she isnt the typcial type that I would be fond of but when I saw her at alexander wang she totally impressed me! her face looks striking on the runways!

  10. Jane D says:

    Another blonde? NEXT!

  11. Toni says:

    Seemed such a great person backstage, natural girl – and gets good push from the fact that Iselin Steiro is doing her best career. She’s sharing the features of the norwegian top model nobody ever talks about. :)

  12. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    good look, more images would be nice

  13. CALEB says:

    I love her!

  14. PR says:

    like a young version of Kylie Bax. love her bone structure and pout. had a chance to see the entire set of snaps and she just look amazing. 2 bad that you didnt post them here.

  15. CALEB says:


  16. CW MANAGEMENT says:


  17. bn says:

    wwww.BrianKeith.co has som image of her on his site

  18. Amanda says:

    Already looking the supermodel in one of her first editorials, Emily shows she’s got what it takes here in this swimwear and cover shoot for 1AM Magazine http://www.1am.co.nz – STUNNING!

  19. carola says:

    Definitely the best new face, look how all her facial features are like perfectly aligned: her nose, mouth, eyes, ears, cheekbones. Sort of like Alana Zimmer, one of those faces that are so perfect that seem as if they were made on a computer.

  20. zanita says:

    Juju Ivanyuk has been popping up everywhere! Not sure if she’s a newcomer though but i’m thinking this is breakthrough season for her. Looking forward to seeing how Aussies Annaliese Smith and Dempsey Stewart go in Europe.

  21. lorrie says:

    stoked that a nzer made the list!!!

    cheoooow doing nz proud babe!

  22. ALEX says:

    I want to see Dempsey Stewart, Marike Le Roux, Zuzanna Bijoch, Ajak Zeng and Alana Zimmer!

  23. Mariqu says:

    EMILY is amazing! Hope to see Dempsey and Maud Welzen!

  24. The Girl says:

    cheekbones to die for. Can’t wait to see her in some new editorials

  25. Laura says:

    She is raw!


  26. Phuk Face says:

    this is by far is the most slamming new faces of the season!!!!!

  27. Mélannie says:

    She looks more than 17,the first time i saw her i thought she was of Anja and Natasha’s generation !
    She has the best walk of the moment, see her on Ferré winter fall 2011 & No.21 ss2012 : just STUNNING

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