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February 17th, 2011 by Jonathan Shia | Boys, Fashion Week, Model News
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Photos: Ken Pao for models.com
Text: Jonathan Shia

The two bands of brothers behind the British line Bespoken turned to the Royal Navy for inspiration for Fall 2011, showing a collection on Saturday that featured a number of clear-sighted reinterpretations of seafaring classics. Navy pea coats and wool caps made their requisite appearances, as did the Breton shirt, for slightly warmer days on the water. There were thick pinstripe trousers and chubby cardigans perfect for shore leave, and the looks were finished with jaunty touches like rope belts and a lapel pin that held several battered old keys, unique details in a season that has seen the nautical look come to the fore.

Casting: Maurilio Carnino for MTC Casting

1-Bespoken presentation
2-Janis Vilumovs
3-Another view
4-Tommy at Next
5-Erik Sage
6-Bastien Bonizec, Daniel McSweeney, Lloyd at Request
7-AJ Abualrub, Miles Garber, Evan Santoro
8-Connor at Red, William Eustace
9-Bastien, Joao Zavaski, Claudio at Request, Nick Rea

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  1. Yelena says:

    The new face in #9 is Claudio Monteiro @ Request!

  2. Yelena says:

    The new face in #6 is Lloyd William @ Request!

  3. dand says:

    this raises the serious issue……has a model ever got lock jaw from tensing his jaw so much?:)

  4. yeal says:

    hes soooo fricking hot

  5. yeal says:

    aj abualrub is the next edward cullen
    im his bella

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