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Who can resist the men of Why Not Model Management? Their chiseled features, their six pack abs, everything about these guys is perfect; one reason why we’re certain they’ll dominate the runways of Milan. Within the elegant F/W Show package classic male beauty reigns supreme. Adam Senn, David Gandy, Evandro Soldati, Garrett Neff and Ben Hill represent the kind of elegant look that never goes out of style and it is that kind of timeless appeal that makes Why Not’s lineup an industry standard.

Adam Senn

Aiden Andrews

Alex De Vita

Alex Loomans

Alexander Johansson

Alexander Mizev

Andrea Amadei

Andrea Bocek

Andres Marcet

Andrew Stetson

Arthur K

Austin Myers

Ben Hill

Bobby Roache

Bruno Babolin

Carlos Sander

Christopher Landon

Christopher Michaut

Clint Mauro

Cyril Giustiniani

David Gandy

David Rosenberg

Didier Z

Diego Miguel

Djordje Bogdanovic

Dzhovani Gospodinov

Elias Cafmayer

Evandro Soldati

Felix Badman

Felix Radford

Ferdi Sibbel

Florian Van Bael

Francisco Lachowski

Gabriel Burger

Garrett Neff

Grayson Gettys

Greg Payne

Guido Carminatti

Guy Robinson

Hakan Sezer

Henry Watkins

Ivan Lazarov

Jaco Vd Hoven

Jacob Coupe

Jacob Young

Jae You

Jakub Zelman

Joaquin Morodo

Joseph Rossomando

Julien Quevenne

Julien Sabaud

Kevin Flamme

Laurent Albucher

Lessandro Reynier

Luke Stevens

Luuc Brans

Mark Cox

Mark Vanderloo

Mattia Regonaschi

Mattias Bergh

Max Motta

Max Rogers

Michael Tintiuc

Michiel Gysel

Miguel Iglesias

Mikus Lasmanis

Miro Moreira

Nicholas Lemons

Nicolas Ripoll

Nils Butler

Noah Mills

Pablo Otero

Paolo Rolden

Paul Stiell

Peter Beyer


Ran Van Ongevalle

Rien Kraak

Rory Torrens

Ruben Cortada

Ryan Taylor

Sacha MBaye

Sam Lawson

Sam Webb

Saverio Rotini

Sebastian Lund

Sebastian Sauve

Seppe Raes

Sid Ellisdon

Sidney Wolf

Steve Gold

Stuart Jones

Taylor Fuchs

Thomas Aoustet

Tom Warren

Tommy Dunn

Tony Helskens

Tony Ward

Toon Martens

Trevor Himes


Viggo J

Vincent Dienst

Vincent Robitaille

Will Glass

William Potter

Zac Malone

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» View all Agencies Show Packages here

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  1. Nick says:

    Miro Moreira is back but where is David Jensen? Why did you guys not mention Noah Mills, for sure he is gonna open the Dolce and Gabbana show Noah is the perfect male super model!!!

  2. GP says:

    WhyNot has the best male models. Do we need other agency?

  3. Antonio Barros says:
  4. Luigi says:


  5. Josh says:

    Great package. This site would really benefit from click-through links though.

  6. io says:

    Ash??where s Ash Stymest?!!fashion shows ll not gonna be the same without him

  7. Nella Balda says:

    Coool thats my pic of Dzhovani on the right!! Love this model!

  8. Jules says:
  9. Amir Saleem says:

    good website i love forever so this is my passion for improve myself.

  10. yoogha1725 says:

    Great compositions…


  11. 59ui看 says:


  12. James Chalkford says:

    Masculine is good.

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