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December 8th, 2010 by wayne | Model News
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Herieth Paul/ Women Direct. PH Wayne for MDC

Women Direct’s Herieth is casting a very elegant silhouette these days courtesy of her striking new crop. Fashion has certainly been looking for a girl that can provide this kind of sculpted chic and it has been amazing to watch the poise with which Herieth has taken to her new look. Expect a cavalcade of amazing bookings.

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  1. glunge says:

    speaking of sculpted chic:
    i saw roshumba on the street today.
    still amazing!

  2. poo says:

    Sweet and pretty. Love her.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That photo of her profile…if there was any justice in the world that’d be a Vogue cover. Stunning!

  4. D. says:

    Yes! More girls like this!

  5. devon says:

    thats a profile

  6. Ali says:

    Great profile

  7. Beauty Is Diverse says:

    Lovely profile.

  8. John Smith says:
  9. E says:

    I adore this haircut on her. She’s lovely!

  10. Victoire says:

    But can you take a look at that skin and that neck? That’s what it’s all about – she needs a beauty campaign.

  11. Todd Willis says:


  12. tara copeland says:


  13. aubreyorg says:

    cannot wait to see her on the runways for FW

  14. Angie says:

    Absolutely stunning! Amazing girl!

  15. Beverley says:

    Aaah so beautiful, hope she has a PACKED season full of shows

  16. suraia says:

    I loved her in the Rad Hourani show and i love her even more now!

  17. carola says:

    wow.. that is one amazing profile. perfect.

  18. patricia ramodzuli says:

    she is hot,i do like her

  19. page says:

    very delicate profile

  20. MsFrittas says:

    I like her a lot. She does some cool photo’s

  21. AsiaFiasco says:

    there’s something about short hair..more specifically of this length, that i love! especially when they have excellent bone structure..ugh and her profile is just gorgeous!


  22. Things I Like says:

    Her profile is definitely nice, and I like the shape of her lips too

  23. TC says:

    Absolutely stunning!


  24. Justyna says:

    you’re so amazing to work with! nice meeting you, herieth, all the best!

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