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December 6th, 2010 by wayne | Model News
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James Cooper/ d1 Model Management Image Cecilie Harris, courtesy d1 Management

The phone hasn’t stopped ringing all weekend, such is the pre-buzz for D1’s new proposition, Mr James Cooper. Expect Mr Cooper to be in high demand for the better runways of Milan and Paris come January. Very camera ready as they say.

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  1. Marquis de Lannes says:

    James, le nouveau top!

  2. Jon says:

    I don’t see it….

  3. Lex says:

    He most certainly has an excellent face.

  4. Dan says:

    Show them how it’s done, James.

  5. G says:

    Wow…. hes amazing!

  6. claude r. simard says:

    A very good-looking man! Indeed! We will be watching, for sure. Thanks, Claude

  7. Damara says:

    uau perfect. muito lindo , parabéns. s2

  8. AmazingPhil says:

    James is the best model ever.

  9. Jocy says:

    *is proud*

  10. PaigeOnTour says:

    Agrees with ^

  11. Doug says:

    Congrats James :]

  12. Sarah says:

    can see something special in this guy

  13. eli says:


  14. meals says:

    he’s so unusual!

  15. emma says:

    i like him great face plus picture on theimagist is amazing. really like

  16. ADLER CHALK says:

    I have seen these ‘set eyes’ lots of late. It must be the look.

  17. lyle l. says:

    i spy a lil bit of vintage ryan taylor in him. that is Great.

  18. Lydiquist says:

    j0ames ftw!

  19. b. says:

    omg totally see the ‘vintage ryan taylor’ thing!

  20. Beth says:

    Very good model indeed, can’t wait to see lots of him in the future.

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