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February 27th, 2004 by wayne | Girls, Model News
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Adriana Lima/DNA.Ph Russell James
Adriana Lima in all her Victoria’s Secret Splendor…. A rare interview with photography dons Mert and Marcus- not to mention- MDC’s picks for the Hot Ten Models set to go mainstream (in a 5 page extravaganza). With all these varying layers of content the new issue of American Photo certainly is a must- buy for all you rising photographers. Check it out ! …Its true our priorities are a bit skewed (one eye on the clothes, the other on the cabine) but it is our duty to confirm that the “mystery black model” at that farewell Gucci extravaganza is indeed IMG’s Mimi Roche…. And congrats are in order to Marilyn’s resident swetheart Caroline Ribiero who is now the proud mother of a baby boy, John Phillippe. Mother and child are healthy and doing well.

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  1. cynthia says:

    omg! i love adriana lima is wooooow.!

  2. Anka says:

    I lova Adriana Lima… she is the most beautiful girl in this world…yeah..

  3. Ana Paula de Santa Catarina says:

    Olá Adriana!!!
    Parabéns pela premiaçao… mais um orgulho brasieliro.
    Continue assim lindona e mostrando as belezas de nossa terrinha.

  4. Tanya Zharikhina says:

    I love her too!!!She`s the best!!!

  5. natanvip says:

    parabems adriana vc e a beleza brasileira em pessoa..orgulho nacional…

  6. ladysuffragettex says:

    Adriana IS wow! ha
    and just absolutely stunning (:

  7. DaFp says:

    Adriana the queen… one in a trillion

  8. Seda says:

    I LOVE ADRAIANA LIMA! she’s fucking hot, and sooooo naturally

  9. Bluey says:

    This cover is so messed up. Do they actually aim to make these girls hate each other? Why would they put the letters over those girls faces like that? U_U smh

  10. leandro says:

    Adriana é tudo de bom ela arrasa mesmo, tb nossa menina baiana é fogo.
    te adoro geminiana espero um dia te encontrar em salvador.
    parabéns pelo baby!!!

  11. Breanna says:

    What i’d give to have her body lol

  12. VSfan88 says:

    It looks like as if there are two Adriana’s

  13. fg says:

    adriana is the best thing that has ever happened to victoria’s secret!

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