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  1. vic. says:

    I <3 RENE! and can’t wait to see zakaria on the runway!
    nice group of boys ;)

  2. Erica Wheelen says:

    Ryan B is amazing!!!

  3. BaxrackstevaW says:

    tacky show cards, and too many models in the package, but theres a few thats cool

  4. Marquis de Lannes says:
  5. louisa says:

    loveeee adrian c!!!! brand new face im sure he will do amazing!
    i wanna see him in d&G!!!!

  6. timbrea says:


  7. Paolo says:

    where is Danilo Martins!!
    i like elite, but there are so much guys

  8. Jules says:


    if you want to check out daily updates on castings…check here its Julian S blog…


    it will be a MADDDDDD MODEL HOTEL with all these guys

  9. S. says:

    Wick is amazing!!!!!! He’s the next big thing, watch him!!!!

  10. ANDREI says:


  11. legz says:

    I think this is the largest show package i’ve seen

  12. akis says:


  13. susanna says:

    So many?! Like Gabriel,Isaac,Kid..

  14. grace says:

    gabriel b he has so good face .. too bad he is not so muscle boy .. he can do better if he get bigger … but i like so much him and vladimir ivanov … really nice

  15. fanof says:

    230 guys? how r they gonna pay attantion for all of them???

  16. lee rafko says:

    that 230 is just the half of it coz there are 2 pictures from each model, but you were right!
    It is also too much…

  17. jones says:

    they have 5 bookers taking care only of male bookings..

  18. gordon d. says:

    Pedro Frizon is the most stunning brazilian guy from the package..
    great face.. cool look! wanna see him rockin’ the runaways @

  19. kemi says:

    Wow, what a bunch–a bunch of hotties!

  20. milano1 says:

    great idea for a theme for the showpack, but such a poor execution. graphically it is ugly and tacky as someone else said.

  21. stefano says:

    Andrei Z, Denis S, Philip, Arthur, Vladimir…best team, russian team!

  22. F3R says:

    That Ezequiel shouldn’t be missed… what a look!

  23. emi v says:

    que capo hermano ! segui rompiendola papa ! volve que hay asado y ferne !

  24. Yanina Lopez says:

    EZEEEEEEE!!!!!! jejee arriba amigoo! hasta publicidad de mundial haces grosoo! estan como locas las chiks x lo q logro entender jaja!besoo y toda la suerteee! =)

  25. F3R says:

    bueno pancho… tampoco te engrupas que somo nosotro somo

  26. v man says:

    Love,Love,Love Alexander K. he is in the new stone island campaign looking GORGEOUS <3

  27. ANDREI says:

    yes, Andrey.Z is fantastic model !!!

  28. Abooda Palooza says:

    niklas hagen is sooooo stunning i love their thin athletic bodies

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