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April 1st, 2010 by Janelle | Girls, Industry News, Model News
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Lady Gaga by Hedi Slimane

It is a rare day when not one but TWO revelatory and staggering models emerge, but today that has happened. First, a captivating new number one rises to the top – then the most promising newcomer we have ever seen arrives on the scene. New number one model, Lady Gaga and MOTW Darlinka, are peerless and earth shattering beauties so directional they can be used as compasses.



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  1. 04/01 says:

    Gaga number one? Please, put Lara back where she belongs tomorrow!

  2. Bart says:


  3. Nando Tampubolon says:

    Hemm…I still think its not right. Is it only a april fools post only (at least I hope)

  4. ringo says:

    wow…im slow but surely getting real tired of gaga. I was hoping she would continue to be a leader and not a follower. too bad her real tlent is being masked by the work of those around her who are using her for THE FAME.

  5. Teng says:

    Bart is so right… 10 years!

  6. 04/01 says:

    Hey, two comments already. Remove them, quickly!

  7. jhjkhj says:

    april fools

  8. Janelle says:

    I really would remove the comments but I’ve already deleted 275 comments today, thus reaching my daily quota for censorship and human rights violations.

  9. Lily says:

    I do hope this is just an April Fool’s prank!
    Lady Gaga is not a model!!!!
    And I too am tired of her… at first I thought her music was okay, at least fun to dance to, but now you see her everywhere trying to get more attention. It’s gotten sooo old.
    Put Lara back where she belongs by tomorrow, please!!!!

  10. Bart says:



  11. an says:

    april fools!!!

  12. betty says:

    Everyone who doesn’t understand the meaning of the 1st of April, all you need to do is look at Darlinka’s polaroids for model of the week: http://models.com/newfaces/modeloftheweek/3760

    and you will get your answer to this OTM post.


  13. Nando Tampubolon says:

    …lol…betty,,thats actually what i’m thinkin about. When saw Darlinka’s polaroid as motw, its like ‘wew,,april fools spread everywhere include MDC’

  14. Nik says:

    The best April Fools joke ever!! It had me for .5 of a second, but people be real. Such a big fuss, about what can only be a joke. (I mean Darlinka…………come on folks.) I am sure our beloved Lara will be back at #1 tomorrow at the latest. Thanks Betty & Co. for the laugh. It totally made my day. (But speaking of updates, I think the Men need an adjustment.)

  15. JoltOfDavid says:

    Haha… veeery funny. And now please put Raquel back.

  16. kayleaf says:

    Wow…calm down people – t’s an April Fools joke- ! Thanks for the laughs Betty, Janelle and Co. I think some of the models working today could learn a thing or two from Darlinka – s/he is working it!!!

  17. ger says:

    i love gaga, and i love her music!
    but i think its more than unfair to put a POPstar like lady gaga on top of the model charts!
    and even if gaga was a model, shes not done that many and impressive(anyway) editorials and covers as e.g. lara stone by far!

    put her away from that chart! she doesnt belong there!

  18. person says:

    april fools…hahahaahahahaha <3

  19. All about Models says:

    Ah I understand it with the her. It’s kinda funny. And nice for the first April

  20. Mat says:

    haha…love it. But I think it’s time for Darlinka to take her rightful place as the #1 model…on the icons list. I know she has never booked a job but that bone structure is to die for. And her hair is ever changing like Linda. I mean first its flowing blonde locks, then she was bald….that’s a true chameleon.

    PS-extra funny how many people put such angry posts on here. I mean what’s next: sending Janelle and Betty death threats because Beyonce is better than Gaga? HI-larious.

    Thanks MDC for always having a sense of humour.

  21. Mango says:

    Oh my!! You are crazy! :D

  22. trev-o says:

    lol I was going to say
    well anyone can model now

  23. Rafael says:

    gaga, ula la, como assim? e a Lara Stone?

  24. betty says:

    Any Brazilians out there? Can we tell Rafael the meaning of this?


  25. Joey says:

    Are you friggin serious? This must be a goshdarned April Fool’s Joke. Lady Gaga isnt a model, and certainly not a female!!! You know, it would be great to see Gemma Ward back on #1, or, someone like, IDK, Miley Cyrus?

  26. steffie says:


  27. beachboyy101 says:

    Why is Lady Gaga on the top 50 models? She not a model. :/

  28. Tom says:

    But won’t Derek Zoolander’s new agency help him smash back into the top fifty before midnight?

  29. the_syh_land says:

    r fashion people going wild or am i so old fashion? lady gaga? top model?

  30. Samuel says:

    you guys are seriously jelous of all her success. you guys are so filled with hatred, you have to throw bombs at her everytime you see her. even if this is an april fools prank, gaga is and will be number one. and she’s not a attention hog like people are saying. why don’t you haters find something else to do besides hating. that’s why this world has been lead to so many suicides and disasters. you guys are so sad. get a real life people who keep hating. wow, if you guys like the website models.com, how the hell are you guys haters, people who love models and want to become models don’t hate on other people

  31. lol says:

    lol APRIL FOOL

  32. Jimmy says:

    I don’t see why some people out here feel they are important enough to take themselve too serious. This is most def an April’s fool joke. But regarding the pictures, I love Darlinka’s “model” card, he’s so fierce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And what is there to say about Gaga, ICON!


  33. conchal says:

    é .. dia 1° de abril dia da mentira !! boa essa !! ushsususda

  34. marvoi says:


  35. Veljko Gavrilovic says:

    I LOVE YOU, MDC!!! hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! but, the piano may accidently fall on… Ja-nelle! hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Thank you!!!

  36. GP says:

    They are not model but can be comedian. LOL
    Gaga should be in Icon list.

  37. dand says:

    Please dont continue to put celebrities into this, they occupy a dispproportionate amount of teh models work market, believe it or not yuor website does signify such market shifts.
    what is this Darlinka thing?there are no words

  38. dand says:

    baptiste looks soooooooooooooooooooooo much better in a dress, maybe he should call himself baptinarina giabiconarona

  39. dand says:

    aand be the next big thing again

  40. Márcia says:

    What? Lady Gaga is not a model, she’ll never be a model, she can’t be a model! She’s a entertainer, did you forget the site’s name? We want models, we need models, we came to visit models!! We don’t wanna know if she’s amazing or if she’s on the top of world, we want our models back… And please put Lara back to the number 1#, or any model else, cause this April Fool joke is not funny!

  41. Fab says:

    LOL!!! Love it!
    and even funnier are the comments, boy some people have no sense of humor, too fuunnnyy

  42. Anne says:

    I love Gaga but WOW really?

  43. Paula says:

    WTF? hahahaha

  44. beachboyy101 says:

    So glad to see Lady Gaga off the top 50 models list, Gaga stay to music.

  45. Lily says:

    Anyone who really didn’t understand this was a joke, get out of the internet now, please.

  46. Whalen B says:

    Sucks I’m just seeing this post its hilarious. Love that you guys at MDC have a sense of humor. Its just unfortunate that the major of your readers lack any reason 2 laugh nowsdays.You would swear they receive some kind of commisson on who’s number 1 by the over the top reactions. You ppl really need a some new pampers… The scent you left here doesn’t agree :)

  47. luciana salazar says:

    Afff thought was Aghynessss Deyn at first sight!

  48. Vinciano says:

    You mean Chanel and Sessilee being ranked so high on the list wasn’t the April Fool’s joke? :-p

  49. Antonio Barros says:

    I always knew that Darlinka would make it until the top!!! :)


  50. dand says:

    this isn’t a joke, is it?

  51. dand says:

    oh right it is, a great parody

  52. woah says:

    Interesting choice of models to rip on. hmmm. I think Chanel is amazing myself and am glad that this site agrees.

  53. Lala says:

    Seeing Lady Gaga (Angelina Germanotta) before she became famous…and looking at her now…what a pity. She sang amazing music…I guess she sold herself to “sex sells” in the music industry.

  54. sephoria says:

    haha, well lady gaga is far more famous than all the current top models, so not a bad choice lol

  55. jamaican boy says:

    i saw put laurs stone back where she belongs or at least a real model not a wanna be like lady gag.laura stone in jamaica we all love you and chanel iman you both are the epitomie of what a true models embodies no to gaga yes to chanel and laura.

  56. jamaican boy says:

    i say put laurs stone back where she belongs or at least a real model not a wanna be like lady gag.laura stone in jamaica we all love you and chanel iman you both are the epitomie of what a true models embodies no to gaga yes to chanel and laura.

  57. Dina_Bambina says:

    Hey guys, come on! Lady GaGa #1 everywhere now. So it wasn’t surprise for me that Beyonce #2. Shes hot too, but GaGa its a absolutely new style, fresh face… =]

  58. lars says:

    lady gaga sera la reyna del pop
    madona empiesa a tenblar

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