Model of the Week: Darlinka





Capricorn, hardworking yet determined

How discovered:
Toiling the fields. At home I was celebrated for my womanly physique and ethereal gaze…

Favorite things:
Euro dance music and mashed swede…

Favorite music, band:
Anything with Kate Moss’s boyfriend in – he’s dreamy…

contemporary dance and Gordon Ramsey

Favorite piece of clothing:
The crochet top I’m wearing in my polaroids… it’s so on trend.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Being on hold for Primarni…sadly I’ve never been booked but one day…

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
We have an incredible new range of potatoes that can mash or bake with equal ease

Favorite artist (any kind):
I love Terry Richardson’s snatch shots… beautiful…

Place you’d love to visit:
my boyfriend’s parents…for some reason he won’t take me…

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
My waistline… It’s so hard sticking to a sample size…

April Fools Day thanks to Ian and Susannah @ Select!

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  • oh wow, very unique! haha

  • hamdia

    haha sp funny is this an april fools jke?? ilike i like

  • hahhaha love it guys!

  • ANgelEyes

    I LOVE it!

  • awesome guys


  • This is a joke right? xD

  • hahaha this is EPIC, so funny!!!!

  • Really awesome guys. Love it, lol

  • it’s april fools but he/she is awesome ;-)

  • I freaked out for a second when I see that he’s body is 32b/24/35
    and then I realized it was april fools.LOL
    very pretty;p

  • LOL! :-) – Are these just pols or is that the Italian Vogue shoot cause it sure looks like it?

  • Brüno

    she’s amazing !!

    Oh, it’s a joke..
    You got me there !!

    the best joke i ever received!!
    So funny !!! Thank you guys !!!

  • hahah awesome!

  • N

    OMG, i thought this was Ian’avich Vonasukuoff! so hot right now!

  • booking Darlinka for the next campaign for sure


  • Joel

    Oh, my God.

    Probably the best joke of all time.


  • Mario T

    i love this lady child… her eyes cry happy and her lips they eat… i think alot. i shoot this mammal girl with camera. love love

  • adrianna2

    oh my god!! i thought this was something real!!! the picture came out after 1 min something, so i read the description first. i thought ” fucking god she’s so tall!!!” but when the images appeared, it was like “LOL ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!”

  • milano1

    i just heard she has been placed with joy in milano!! you go girl!!!!

  • With a bit of liquifying and a couple of hundred filters you will make it to be my favorite of the year.
    We all love a laugh at Lumiere london.
    and we cant wait to see the next entry next week.

  • stace

    this is so funny. He’s got some great poses too.

  • Francesco

    such a face, such a body!!
    i’m waiting to see her on the next Victoria Secret fashion show.


  • Wilde

    Hysterical, and tragic all at once. She looks hard to fit for shoes…


    she is interesting for sure..COULD BE MODEL OF THE FUTURE !!!!!

  • Johanna

    Hahaha, can’t stop laughing..

  • GENIUS!!!!!!!! xx

  • Anna Wintour

    She looks like Omahyra

  • fashin

    givenchy exclusive etc.

  • Ciara

    I have a big girlie crush on her………… swoon!

  • Russel Marsh just called he wants her as Prada exclusive.

  • ms

    is this a friend of Pixi and Daisy ?

  • Azizi

    Darlinka is a mess

  • Joe


  • hummm, we think “she” needs some serious Pilates work on her body, never mind a shave.
    hahahahahahahahaha ;)

  • Kitterrrr

    Hahahaha WERK!! Love it

  • ‘I love Terry Richardson’s snatch shots…’


  • ChalitaYa

    okay i were a fool, haha

  • Sandra

    Darlinka you’re so hot! the bleached blond hair highlights your features well…lol

  • Mango

    I absolutely love this guys :D
    He is super fierce!

  • Not an easy girl.

    Oh, I don’t mind hairy legs, I WANT Darlinka to succeed, please, book her!

  • beachboyy101

    Is this a April fools joke?

  • absolutely brilliant.
    she’s going to really blossom by the time she’s 19.


  • maxx

    ah ah ah i see you all have a sense of hummor ilove it lol. keep stuff like this coming.

  • fashion junkie

    Love her she is fierce! I see major editorials, runway, and top campaigns. She will be every designers muse!

  • charlotte

    I was fooled for about a second there.. thought this was one of Supreme’s (or now Ford’s) latest finds.. lol

  • joel alvarez

    shes gonna be a star!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • kiwi

    funny joke. lol

  • Kale

    aha i totally thought this was i looked up the name too lmao

    gullible me! lol

  • woha, this girl is the new daria!!!
    so much potential! awesome, stunning, supercool!!!

  • Nigel S.

    Darlinka 2012!

  • Lovinka Oklahomova

    Darlinka, see you at the lunch in Vladivostok tomorrow! Wladyslawa Robotova will join us as well. I will make for the lunch Pommes Frites – a spectacular innovation about potatoes!! yaammm!

  • chad
  • Baptiste killer; i for one welcome the new face of Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, etc.

  • Josh

    Brilliant! Exactly the fresh new face the industry needs! Bellissima!

  • ))))))))so funny)))))

  • Brandon


  • wanessa

    hahahahahahahahah love it !!!!she is amazing !!woooooooooooooooooo :)

  • royy4

    jn the fashion world anything is possible

  • javier

    ahahahahahahha!!! sexy

  • anon


  • no words

  • jluc

    Such a darling… phenomenal

  • PP

    Well done select- this is the best model you’ve had in ages- about time!!

  • Lala

    If this were to happen…. lmao

  • Carine Wintour

    This is not an April Fools joke at all it’s real!!!

    I saw Miss Hooverova walk out of a very directional photog/designer’s office yesterday in Paris. She had her NATURAL blonde hair pulled back in a bun,over sized Chanel sunglasses on, a pink velour shell suit with bright red Ugg boots and a huge fake Guess handbag skipping along the Champs Elysees with her entourage in tow.

    Later that day she was being shot at Pin Up studios on a closed set for the prestigious Pret A Manger (the retail sandwich chain) campaign.(Print,POS,Outdoor,web and packaging)
    I am told this was after a dramatic night shoot where she stormed off set (and rightly so) after complaining that she didn’t like the lighting (you go Miss Thing)nor what the manicurist had done to her nails.

    Miss Hooverova IS the next big thing,just look at the intensity in her posing and facial expressions. She reminds me of the early 80’s ‘Golden era’ of modeling. I just hope she doesn’t marry her overpowering 64 year old mother agent Vladimir Ibiteyakokov at her tender age of 16 as it could well dampen her skyrocketing career.

    Back in her home town of Gronkz (a small village in the remote industrial province of Zxenakia) the villagers have erected a lifelike sculpture of Darlinka next to the Katastrofa (Catastrophe) memorial rock garden (something to do with radiation fallout back in the 50’s) in honor of her being the first Gronkz woman to…leave Gronkz.

    You go Darlinka!

  • Hector

    Luv it !!!

  • Fantastic! Love it…

  • She looks like she’s going to be a Versace girl. She has a very unique beauty, it’s very versatile.

  • Priscilla

    HAHA! woah

  • Hahahahaha this guy is a very good sport! Lovely joke!

  • dying!!! lol

  • Nikita

    Hahaha This guy is amazing!
    Gorgeous poses!! Eyes that suck you in! Very Alluring.
    She will go very far in the modelling world.

  • greg

    he/she Lol

  • i was like O.O seriously?

  • Lovely MOTW girl! ahuahuahauhauahuahuahauha

  • toma akıcı

    Oh my god! I thing im in love ahahahaha :D (s)he is..perfect! Hahahah just kidding :D

  • jake

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