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  1. All about Models says:

    Very boutique package with strong girls. Looking forward for Kristy

  2. KS says:

    Katya K.. she’ll rise!!!!

  3. Lisa T says:

    pretty. i’d take her.

  4. bforreal says:

    Katja B!!!!! WOW!!!

  5. modelwatch says:

    Diana is really interesting… good luck to her!! kristy too, stunning. great package in general

  6. Hdizzle says:

    Looking forward to see Yulia L. and Diana on the shows…

  7. Ashley J. says:

    Strong package!My favorite faces are Katya K.,Tokumbo,Snow. Good luck girls!!!!

  8. Jane55 says:

    So excited to see Samantha in paris!!! Shes gonna kill it!

  9. alvert says:

    samantha has the exclusivity prada miu miu…!!!!!
    so, you wont see her before next wednesday, for miu miu fashion show

  10. johan says:

    Renee! followed her for a while. then heard nothing, but she´s here! hope to see her in some shows.

  11. conradine says:

    @ johan She opened philip lim in new york, read she did about 20 shows in London (burberry,pringle,paulsmith,nicolefahri)and is now in milan. Think we are already seeing her in more than some shows. finally! Yaaaaay! And Jádore Samantha!!!

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