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December 14th, 2006 by wayne | Girls, Model News
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Hannah Davis/IMG. Ralph Rocks image at polo.com

It’s not often a girl’s spirit is evident in her picture, but former MOTW Hannah Davis all but vibrates a breezy, nonchalant brand of beauty. It’s no wonder that the iconic Ralph Lauren should have been so inspired by Hannah that he created a new fragrance, Ralph Rocks, around her languid island style. Can’t you hear that beach calling?

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  1. Kim frick baskett says:

    I love this stuff!! It is the best…

  2. lexi reiner says:

    What are the brands of her outfit she wears in this add??

  3. kellie says:

    i really love ralph rocks perfume!! its the perfect summer fragrance..i love ralph rocks and ralph
    wild!! i would recommend it definately it smells amazing hannah davis is soo beautiful i love her
    all of the polo ralph lauren clothing is soo awesome i love it!!!! it really is the classic prep look instead of the hollister abercrombie look noww


    behind the scenes of her photo shoot^^ :]

  4. kailey miles says:

    ahhh!!shes my favorite everrr!!!! i recently bumped into her on the streets and awkwardly
    intoduced myself and she was totally cool!!! soo so so sweet! sucha natural beauty its amazing and her
    smileeee lights up a room!! totally down to earth!! she is guna make it big, mark my word!!
    and her bod!!! ahh im goin to the gym now!! she’s gotten even leaner and looks the best shes ever
    looked!!! go hannah!!! xo

  5. nkhouryy says:

    I’m dying to know where her shorts are from ! Or are they custom made or something ? If anybody knows…jus post a comment back & ill check it :) I really love them & if I could find those…omg, lol. This is really the cutests outfit everrrr. & Shes so prettyyy

  6. hayley says:

    i feel like i kinda look like her :p

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