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November 12th, 2009 by Janelle | Model News
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Calvin Klein S/S 2010. Ph Greg Kessler, courtesy of Calvin Klein.

The Spring/Summer look of Calvin Klein is simple, wearable and chic. At Tuesday’s seasonal presentation, creative director Kevin Carrigan, presented a series of uncomplicated pieces for men and women. Within each of the brand’s lines – Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, accessories, eyewear, swim and underwear – Carrigan crafted a cohesive representation of the Calvin aesthetic. Effortless ensembles, styled by Jay Massacret, were the focus – from an unexpectedly elegant denim shift to a lighter than air linen suit.

Clothing aside, one of the most interesting things about the presentation was the model selection by Mark Foltz. From chiseled stars like Danny Schwarz and Ryan Koning showing off CK’s underwear line, to fresh faces like Debora Muller and Kate Kosushkina looking sweet in the spring separates, each model added something special. All together the group provided the perfect compliment to Carrigan’s cool vision for the new season.

Ph: Greg Kessler, courtesy of Calvin Klein
Ph: Greg Kessler, courtesy of Calvin Klein
The wonderful palette of colors for spring. Ph: Greg Kessler, courtesy of Calvin Klein

Some of our favorite looks on the models below. (All pictures below, Betty for MODELS.com)

Ryan Koning, Martin, Andreea Diaconu, Jamie Jewitt, Danny Schwarz in the bold new Calvin underwear line.


Ryan Koning


Calvin favorite Danny Schwarz


New face Josefin Hedstrom from Marilyn


wears the must have pant for spring.


Patrick Kafka effortlessy chic.


Mark Cox


Lucas Mascarini


New face with Next


Debora Muller in a timeless piece.

New face Kristina Boyko with VNY


Kate Kosushkina


Paolo Anchisi


New face


The muted palette on the models.


New face Whitney Coble


AJ Abualrub embodies sexy and tough.


Brightening up our spring


Classic and wearable.


Global creative director Kevin Carrigan, the man behind it all.

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  1. jeremydante says:

    i love calvin klein but am wondering why not a single black model was casted for this presentation. whats the deal? i thought the industry was getting over that whole issue.


  2. Matt says:

    Where are the ethnic models?

  3. frank says:

    lovely models and beautiful light.
    it’s really CALVIN KLEIN style

  4. alex says:

    Josefin Hedstrom is not a new name at all? but pretty indeed oh yes ..
    AND – what’s up w the lack of black models???

  5. Marquis de Lannes says:

    Ultimamente se ven demasiadas presentaciones de moda estaticas…
    Yo prefiero ver los/as modelos en movimiento!http://www.marquisdelannes.com/

  6. Nigel S. says:

    Nice styling and concept. Some of the shots would make for a great campaign (with the proper lighting and refinements of course.
    How about Danny Schwarz and that body upgrade?? Whoa!

  7. crybaby says:

    what I wanna know is where are all the jewish models?!?

  8. ED says:

    classic elegance. I love it. It oozes class all over. does anyone know if this guy is a model or not? It’s pretty funny. http://www.youtube.com/user/brandondavismodel

  9. Gypsy says:


  10. Paolo says:

    Beautiful Presentation. Very clean. I was wondering where are the ethnic models???

  11. neal says:

    Where are the ethnic models? When is fashion industry going to stop with this blatant racism. I know plently of blacks, asians, and hispanics who wear Calvin Klein. My god. This is ridiculous.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Where are the African American models? These picutres look pretty bland and are not an accurate representation of what today’s consumer look for. America is do diverse. Where is the diversity in this ad?

  13. Isobel says:

    The fact that I didn’t notice the lack of diversity in models (until I read the comments) just goes to show how much the industry needs some color!

  14. Martin says:

    This is 2009. We have Barack Obama as president. America is a multicultural country. We are a melting pot and our fashion needs to represent that. There should be white, black, asian, latino, mixed race models all together celebrating the diversity of beauty!!!

  15. Irving Ely Cryz says:

    I wish Du Juan, Sessilee Lopez, Arlenis Sosa, someone ethnic would be here. Pffft.

  16. IvaN says:

    Simply spectacular Calvin Klein!! clothing is very casual and simple in style, I like your pants, JeANs totalLY whole collection!! AmaziN :O

  17. Haywood Jablowme says:


  18. Ida says:

    I have have to agree: with 20 models in the studio, not one model of color. Not even *light* brown or black from where I sit. Any Asians in the house? Please! Shameful. Where is Henry Watkins, for example, who opened and closed Calvin Klein in Milan?

    If stylists, photographers, hair + makeup artists and their assistants arrived on set, saw the inequality, then announced that they were not working the shoot and why — announced it to the room, buzzed it up, blogged about it, called Guy Trebay, etc, change would come. The industry would be shamed into it. Of course, they would “never work in this town again” and would be artistic martyrs for equality, but they would also become heroes to the many, many people who are so tired of the whiteness of it all.

    Until this or something similar happens, nothing will change. Until then, it’s a conspiracy of silence.

  19. Yasnah says:

    Yea I get it no ethnicity, but why is that the first thing you all notice? Also there would be absolutly nothing said if it were a campaign with all ethnic models (as in no caucasians), and if that were the case God forbid anyone ask where the white models are. Appreciate the fashion and photography and get over whether or not they are white, black, or hot pink.

  20. Lesco says:

    What on Earth is the matter with all you people with more chips on you shoulders than down at the fish shop??? Presenting a fashion collection has to be done in an art form. If you want a painting to look a certain way – then that’s what you do. If you want to decorate your house in stark white, you don’t let anyone tell you you must include vivid colours, right?
    Look at the names of the models! There’s plenty of diversity here, just sensible selection of skin tones that really flatter the colour scheme of the collection. Stop trying to make bad feelings when there isn’t any there and maybe THAT’S how we’ll all get on together…..

  21. Jas says:

    Why are most people only referring to “black” models – What about the many various other ethnic races…Oh wait, there are thousands of different ethnic groups – Should CK have to hire each one of every race then? Why must race always be an issue?…[And I AM Asian btw, assuming that should make a difference at all]

  22. Luigi says:

    Stunning images!!

  23. PJ says:

    I have to say I completely agree with what most people are saying about the lack of ethnicity presented. Agreed that it is up to the designer or ‘artist’; although fashion can be a form or art, it certainly is restricted to selling a product at the end of the day, at least in this sort of presentation; BUT as designers/photographers/art directors we all need to have some sort of social responsibility. I don’t think everyone has a chip on their shoulder to express some sort of disappointment in the lack of color in the casting, I think it is a valid comment. I DO think the presentation looks really great, furthermore, I think it would look BETTER if there was more color (not just talking names here). And I think it would be a positive encouragement on the sales side to sell to everyone, as this presentation has obviously been successful in getting some negative feedback and probably less potential sales subsequently. I think that a lot of people here leave valid comments and criticisms; I think those who are a bit bitchy, no matter what viewpoint they have, should perhaps be a bit more intelligent with their comments. That’s the way forward: constructive, not destructive, criticism.

  24. Derrick! says:

    PALE PALE PALE, where are any models of color… these neutral and light blue palettes need some tan skin to make things pop… bad casting

  25. R Nell says:

    Why does this always come back to RACE??? GEEEEEZ! Can’t ther be an all white ad if that’s what they so choose for this particular shoot??? For crying out loud, get over yourselves. It IS okay for an all white ad, JUST as it is okay for an ALL black layout if chosen. People need to quit using the race card. That’s so ignorant and out dated. We all know there are thousands of beuatiful faces of all races. It just happens that this shoot was what the man behind the scenes liked. Move on to a subject more educated.

  26. DA says:

    Here, I’ll start a different melodramatic outrage…

    Why are all these barely post-pubescent young girls topless!!! call the police!

  27. Mark says:

    I actually think it looks boring. I am also wondering why topless. It is not a photo shoot. I’m just saying. And I agree with the rest of the viewers. They should have casted a black girl for this presentation.

  28. charlotte says:

    I’m so sorry R Nell that talking about inequality is totally beneath you…

    “It just happens that this shoot was what the man behind the scenes liked”

    … and the problem is this happens WAY too often… hence the discussion.. but yes lets move on to something more educated like the topless models or Danny’s abs..

  29. Joe says:

    Sure, the models are pretty, and nothing’s more inoffensive and accessible as pretty white people. But it still doesn’t distract from the fact that because the public is bombarded with these pale, standard faces, they are being force fed to believe that THAT is the norm of beauty. And the message is sent out that if you’re ethnic, no matter how gorgeous you are, you’re only novelty. The most boring/bordering-on-ugly white girl will book a job quicker than the most stunning black, Asian, or other beauty of color. Things are changing, but slowly. And images like these put the brakes on the movement.

    And to those people who complain that we need to quit discussing race: you’re probably white, so we don’t expect you to understand.

  30. BecauseIAm says:

    Darling, RACE MATTERS because it’s not just one race who is purchasing Calvin’s clothes. Race always mattered and always will as long as there are differences. These differences shouldn’t tear a people down but build many people up — it should be celebrated because of its beauty.

    Now that said, most marketing execs and business schools would teach any entrepreneur to market to your demographics. When seasoned designers/business men white-wash their ads or in this case presentations, it’s like a commercial slap in the face to their demographics they purposely leave out. The presentation and the advertising should represent all ethnic backgrounds according to the percentage of the demographics that purchase the line – to be fair and not offensive.

    I hope this helps shed some light on the discontent.

  31. pale nubian says:


  32. shepherd says:

    its really white

  33. Party Marty says:

    if they’re gonna have the girls topless i would prefer some that have boobs and some confidence

  34. renu says:

    i want to participate in your shows

  35. Trickymaus says:

    I do see the aesthetic with the light colors, fabrics, but I’m disappointed in the casting. Is his preference for all white models directly connected with the light color palette. The casting is definitely not in touch with the times. CK did more with the group shots from the 1990’s which featured ethnic models such as Stacey McKenzie, Lois Samuels and Jenny Shimizu. Mark Foltz and the people at CK’s marketing should try to better represent their consumer base in a more comprehensive manner.

  36. Nick says:

    Not to sound like a broken record here, but do we live in a all white world?

  37. Kauê says:


  38. Antonio Barros says:

    Great collection!!!


  39. Miles G says:

    I would like to remind everyone that we do live in a country that has a market system economy. There is no reason why it should be mandatory to have a black model in EVERY campaign. This is like me saying that there are not enough white football players in the NFL. These models were what the casting director pictured for this specific campaign. He is not ignorant to the fact that there are only white models, I assure you. If everyone is so upset that “ethnic” models were not used for this campaign, protest Calvin Klien clothes and put them out of business…Again, this is a market system (no specific guidelines to market or promote you company) I also find it kind of funny how no one addressed other races.. Hispanics? Forget about them? or do we have to get a spanish president before someone brings that aspect up?

  40. emmeline says:

    amazing fashion!!!! calvin klein is obviously such a distinguised brand!

  41. kelsey says:

    asian models have fair skin, but they’re not used either in this light-colored calvin klein collection.

  42. kelsey says:

    why is my comment deleted? it’s hardly offensive.

  43. Che says:

    I love the collection and I am really feeling the light denim but I have to say that I would have liked to have seen a few ethnic models in the presentation. I am not saying that they should book all ethnic models but Ethnic People do make a large percentage of the markets that Calvin Klein operates in and i think that they make up a significant percentage of Calvin Klein’s customers therefore they should be represented in the ads for the brand. Who ever cast this presentation needs to realize that this is 2007 not 1957.

  44. lily says:

    you’re right shepherd its very white i can feel my eyes burning

  45. Ana says:

    not ONE person of color. pshh I will not be buying a darn thing, take that calvin!

  46. Marcus says:

    i’d have to agree with the standing controversy in this post, i think it’s somewhat offensive that all casting directors still haven’t gotten the point… while the casting is great (as always with calvin klein) i think they could stand to show a little more diversity. debating aside, the collection looks great. i’ll be sure to shop it next year. (whether or not i’m “represented” in this presentation or not)

  47. angry says:

    I am the most anti racist person possible and treat everyone the same – but these discussions and ethnic people on the street ALWAYS make me out to be a racist, yell out names and call me ‘white boy’… I dont know why im a target.

    The best way to BEAT racism is to stop discussing it and not judge everything – especially from people that are no longer targeted!.. times have changed. Get over your past. Everyone treats you the same.

    Its not obligatory to use ethnic models in ALL shoots. Just like it was not obligatory to use white models in dsquared show a short time back…

  48. Fene says:

    To Miles G-Well argued!

    Anyway, that’s besides the point. I love the zipper details on one of the women’s jeans. Wow.

  49. dalvon says:

    I really do not understand why everyone is making such a fuss about the fact that there are no ethnic models. a designer is free to chose his/her models. if he/she believes that for this campaign white models are more suitable, so be it. there will be other campaigns where maybe just ethnic models are used and i am sure that noone is going to make such a big deal out of it then.

  50. Nigel S. says:

    Angry: I find it hard to believe that you’re the most “anti-racist person possible”. I think some of the folks who previously commented may contend for that position. You can certainly contend for most blind! :-)
    Baby you need to wake up some.
    “The best way to beat racism is to stop discussing it” < Seriously? How old are you? Not discussing it properly in the reason why we’ve arrived in the spot we’re today. Thus now truly beginning real racial dialogue in efforts to help races better get along. If we don’t speak to each other, it becomes that much harder to ever co exist.

    Allow me to point out more of your blindness.
    “especially from people that are no longer targeted!.. times have changed. Get over your past. Everyone treats you the same.”

    ^What world do you live in? Exactly who is no longer targeted? You can’t possibly be talking about blacks and/or latinos. They are most definitely targeted and collectively suffer supression. “Get over your past. Everyone treats you the same”? Not something the “most anti-racist person possible” would ever believe or say.

    “Its not obligatory to use ethnic models in ALL shoots. Just like it was not obligatory to use white models in dsquared show a short time back…”

    So anyway..the fact of the matter is that for decades on end, and for 95% of the time or more, runways have consisted of caucasians. There are groups of people who’d love to believe that caucasians are the only people in the world or should be atleast. And they excercise this vision on runways, in beauty and so forth. What Dsquared did was say, Hey! Hello! remember these guys? You love their music, emulate alot of their style and so forth when it’s convenient but you love to neglect their existence… when it’s convenient, which is quite often. The Dsquared blip was highly inoffensive, and highly needed! Not something the most anti-racist person possible would have missed.

    Are you an imbecil or an imbecil squared?

    And Miles G… is this market system one that means only whites have moeny and buy, and the dollar of other races don’t count because it’s only a “fraction”? The “market system” is spun to have you believe that such is the case and apparently you don’t mind. As far as the latino plight, the friction between African Americans and Euro Americans shares a much more horrific history and predates by centuries. You want in on that visciousness?. I don’t think it’s mandatory to have an ethnic person in every campaign, but when an edit features this many images of this many models, questions are sure to arise. In addition, in society as of late, I find that whites gravitate to latins and asians with much greater ease and likeability than they do blacks. Does that make you feel a little better?

    Anyway, back to Danny’s chest!! *lick*

  51. marcos says:


  52. Nigel S. says:

    *Sighs* typos make life so difficult..

  53. alison says:

    this is so boring. and white. and creepy. girls with bodies like young boys topless? sad sad sad. Calvin is suppoesd to be sexy. look at the last calvin jeans sexy campaign. editha, anna jag, natasha poly. and look at the one with eva mendez. that is very sexy and this is just boring and white and sad. what has happned to calvin? i guess sexy doesnt sell after all.

  54. Martin says:

    I totally agree that a designer/team has the right to decide who they think best represents their brand. But to say each and every season, ad after ad, editorial after editorial only white models are “what they are looking for” there IS a problem AND discrimination is taking place.
    I am a model and I can tell you the real problem is the client but also the agencies. As a black model, I go to agencies and I’m told that they dont need another black girl because they already have ONE and they dont want me competting with that girl. But they have 25 blondes, 25 red heds, 25 brunettes etc etc and there seems to be no problem with having more of them. I would encourage any one of you to check out the top editorial agencies in New York, Paris, Milan..and see that MOST of these agencies will have 1/2 minority girls..1 black girl, 1 asian girl. I have had an agent show me emails with “NO AFRICAN AMERICAN WANTED” as his way of explaining why I wasnt having as many cstgs as my model buds or have been told by a German agency looking for models that “I was lovely but TOO DARK and that Germans like Black girls but LIGHTER ONES and oh yeah they already have their black girl”.There is no other medium where this would be accepted…this is ILLEGAL and discrimination in the highest sense of the word. THERE IS A
    PROBLEM AND IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED SO WE MUST KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT TILL IT IS. This is the reality of modeling in 2009, the top agencies, magazines, designers are dictating what beauty is and are making it clear that to them beauty does not come in all shades. And its toal nonense that all their clients look like the models that they use or are white…last time I checked blacks, asians, hispanics, mixed race people ALL SHOP and have the right to be represented in fashion. Yes this topic is old and so annoying to talk about but it must be talked about until real change comes and minority models are given the same opportunites that their fellow white models are getting and not be discriminated against because of their skin color!

  55. Dom says:

    you’re all arguing because for one particular job, a handful of white models were exploited and no black models were.
    cheers to crybaby!
    that’s a great question, where are all the jewish models?

  56. betty says:

    I’d like to remind everyone that Calvin Klein S/S 10 men’s collection had David Agbodji open and close the show. They’ve also been major supporters of Courtney Taylor for the past few seasons, proving that they have loyalty to models that they regularly book versus going for who is the “hot new face” right now. In this age of quick model turnover, that is something that I totally respect.


  57. Ocean says:

    This is gReeeeat oh so cute

  58. roma says:


  59. DA says:

    @ dom, seriously? You have a magical gift of knowing if someone is jewish simply by looking at them?

  60. Lydia says:

    As far as the question as to why there are not any “ethnic” girls in the presentation… If you look at the nationalities of all involved you will find that they are extremely diverse. You have Brazil, Russia, Australia, Sweden, America and I’m sure many other countries represented so it’s clearly not a question of ethnicity. The question of race in this instant shouldn’t be an issue either because in a campaign the designer has a vision as to how the campaign should be presented as well as the opportunity to choose whom he would like to carry out that vision. In any modeling agency there are a plethora of ethnicities and races to accommodate the various jobs in the market. The designer chose to use paler skin tones to accent the muted color scheme and it shouldn’t be an insult to any model or their ability.

  61. Too right says:


    That was a nice reminder, but that is only two models of color and where is Courtney now?

  62. rockport texas says:

    get over it….calvin klein was catering to the majority of their customer demographic…there are models of all kinds of races, colors, religions etc .that are represented thoroughly in the modeling industry. furthermore many of the models in this particular shoot in question were european and have names that you could not pronounce…please halt your impotent babble about a lack of diversity in this shoot…in addition if you dont like the shoot dont buy their product, im sure it wont make a noticeable difference in their sales this year or in years to come…if you think that this is an issue, go complain about the lack of white models in a fubu shoot, or advertising campaigns for BET etc….quit blaming the modeling industry of bing racist!!

  63. jaime says:

    rockport texas could of not said it any better, amen.

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