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May 24th, 2006 by tommye / fashionologie | Model News
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A Courrèges couture suit from 1964, photographed by John French | Photo courtesy of the V&A Museum from telegraph.co.uk

The sixties – a time when comfort was definitely sacrificed for the sake of fashion. I mean, girls ran around in dresses made of PVC (which looks great, but is stiff and horribly sticky). The miniskirt was invented – and became a world phenomenon that has never quite died down. And there was no such thing as mass-produced fashion. No Topshops, no H&Ms. Vicki Woods of the Telegraph gives us a lovely introduction to the main attraction: the Victoria & Albert Museum’s new “Sixties Fashion” exhibition, which features Ossie Clark, Celia Birtwell, Mary Quant, Pierre Cardin… all the good ones. It runs from June 6, 2006 to February 25, 2007. Entry is free.

» Miss Sixties [telegraph.co.uk]

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