Top Pets
How the Top Pets list works
Being a Top Pet is no easy feat and it’s not enough to cuddle up to the right people. In the fashion industry it can be all about who you know because somewhere along the line you’ll need a leg up, even if you have four. With that said, somewhere in this dozen's careers they went off-leash and became their own brand, solidifying themselves as household names sans humans. Before model-animals can garner the coveted spot as Top Pet and go from critter to elite, they must hit a gamut of achievements. These highlights include landing major campaigns, gracing the cover of a top-tier glossy and/or amassing whopping social media followings. Here are our choices for the industry's most recognizable pets.
1 Choupette Lagerfeld
Choupette Lagerfeld - Ph: Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Umera 2015
Ph: Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Umera 2015
With no signs of ever slowing down Choupette has branded herself as the go-to cat for luxury. One may wonder if Choupette’s success has been bolstered by having the Lagerfeld name, but her sapphire eyes, luxe fur and sinuous good-looks keep them coming back. The results are irrefutable with multiple Vogue covers and editorials in magazines like W Magazine, Vogue, and V plus a Shu Uemura campaign.
2 Neville Jacobs
Neville Jacobs - Ph: David Sims for Bookmarc 2015
Ph: David Sims for Bookmarc 2015
Long angular lines and a killer profile is what Neville Jacobs, faithful canine companion of Marc Jacobs, brings to his Bookmarc campaign shots. The lens loves Neville - his insouciant personal style hints at an intellectual, thoughtful persona (even though his lips move when he reads). Neville has a steadfast intelligent and masculine aura that won't be dispelled by any difficulty he experiences with words of more than one syllable.
3 Dream and Kodiak Weber
Dream and Kodiak Weber - Ph: Dream by Bruce Weber
Ph: Dream by Bruce Weber
Dream, Kodiak and the rest of Bruce Weber's dogs truly live the American dream. Frequently featured in the iconic photographer's campaigns and editorials, it was only a matter of time before they were got their own campaign for Bruce's latest creative project: Shinola's debut line of doggy accessories. The phrase, it's a dog's life means a fabulous life indeed in Mr. Weber's world.
4 Dolly Campbell
Dolly Campbell - Ph: Tim Walker for Lanvin F/W 14
Ph: Tim Walker for Lanvin F/W 14
While the English countryside may be full of horsey high society girls, one of them stands alone. All sleek lines, Dolly's distinctive markings frame her angular face, lending a softness to those huge brown eyes. Already a veteran of a very successful Lanvin campaign alongside longtime riding pal Edie Campbell, Dolly needn't showcase a long face - is it possible to balance all that success with a life down the farm and the pleasures of a brisk rub down and bag of fresh oats? Judging from her Vogue video, indeed it is. Dolly is the embodiment of Brit cool.
5 Ru Enninful
Ru Enninful - Ph: Emma Summerton for Mrs Sizzle interview
Ph: Emma Summerton for Mrs Sizzle interview
Ru, short for Ru-Paul, with one of the best pedigrees in fashion from dads -W fashion director Edward Enninful and director Alec Maxwell- has arguably one of the chicest Instagram accounts around. From his ever in fashion black and white coat to his appearances with top models to his moments of hanging out with his doggie crew, Ru shows us how important it is to have balance in the crazy world of fashion.
6 Bat Grand
Bat Grand - Ph: Solve Sundsbo
Ph: Solve Sundsbo
Bat's a new face on the scene, appearing a mere 5 months ago, but once Katie Grand, one of the most powerful women in fashion, takes a liking to you, you know you're destined for greatness. Bat's already shot with Solve Sundsbo and Liz Collins and with appearances behind the scenes with some of the industry's biggest stars like Stam, Lily Donaldson, and Kendall Jenner, we expect Bat to have a stellar 2015.
7 Cecil Delevingne
Cecil Delevingne - Ph: by Cara Delevingne
Ph: by Cara Delevingne
Trading a hip hop lifestyle for fashion realness, Cecil's breakthrough moment came when he was plucked from obscurity to star in a Topshop campaign video. Quickly adopting co-star Cara Delevigne as his muse and confidante, Cecil's iconic ears and distinctive facial twitch have been the source of social media and gossip magazine intrigue ever since. Nevertheless, this little guy has remained grounded, and often watches his favorite movie Watership Down as a cautionary tale.
8 Frankie Kerr
Frankie Kerr - Ph: Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia Sept 2010
Ph: Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia Sept 2010
Life in fashion is a hectic one and no one knows it more than Frankie Kerr. The only one of our Top Pets to have a coveted Vogue Italia cover, Frankie shows he can go from blue chip high fashion to mass market appeal with recent appearances in Victoria's Secret with model mommy Miranda Kerr. When Miranda jets off to a dog unfriendly shoot, Frankie stays connected to the scene with his other mommy, top makeup artist Rose Marie Swift.
9 Asia Kinney
Asia Kinney - Ph: Sebastian Faena for Harper's Bazaar September 2014
Ph: Sebastian Faena for Harper's Bazaar September 2014
Asia's first job was the very major September 2014 cover of Harper's Bazaar with Lady Gaga but the little French bulldog, nicknamed "Batpig", better get used to the limelight with Mother Monster's legion of adoring fans and whirlwind schedule. A peek into Asia's chic feed reveals a preference for the color pink and fancy hats but also the hard work needed to maintain the glamour with pics of her workout and beauty regime. The benefits of being in the inner circle of one of the world's most famous women translates into 20 thousand Instagram followers in one week; we predict she'll be leaping to the top of all the social media charts in the upcoming months.
10 Tank and Bambi Formichetti
Tank and Bambi Formichetti - Ph: Marcelo Krasilcic for Printed Dog Magazine
Ph: Marcelo Krasilcic for Printed Dog Magazine
One of the biggest personalities in fashion, Nicola Formichetti never does anything in half measures, so it's no surprise that he has not one but two adorable Poms named Tank and Bambi. One of the earliest to appear on Instagram (of course), Tank and Bambi live in a candy colored world filled with matching KISS outfits, strawberry hutches and custom fitted baseball hats. It's Tank and Bambi's world, we only live in it!
11 Toast
Toast - Ph: for Karen Walker Eyewear S/S 15
Ph: for Karen Walker Eyewear S/S 15
Unconventionally beautiful, it's all about the eyes (and that signature pert tongue thrust) with Toast. Who can resist the intensity of that brown imploring gaze? Obviously not Karen Walker, who booked Toast for her Spring 2015 eyewear campaign. But despite hitting the heights of fashion fame, Toast doesn't forget where she came from - a rough start in life has honed Toast's social conscience and this advocate for the underdog has a highly relatable message which has touched the lives of her staunch social media followers. Let's toast Toast's success!
12 Rincon
Rincon - Ph: from Rincon's Instagram
Ph: from Rincon's Instagram
Rescue dog turned humanitarian Rincon was first scouted on a beach in Puerto Rico, coincidentally also named Rincón. This copper-spotted model’s popularity surged after being discovered on Instagram with his other male model humans. A nearly overnight success, he rose through the social media ranks reaching upward of 30k devotees and shortly thereafter had clients applauding his classic appeal and catwalk versatility.