Txema Yeste

Ph: Txema Yeste | Txema Yeste
Photographer, other credits: Director


Nationality: Spain
Spanish born (1972) Txema Yeste, began his career as a
reporter after completing his photographic studies in
Barcelona and Birmingham. His stunning pictures are
the combination of high-end technique, a sophisticated
imaginary world and a perfectionist eye. Txema
publishes regularly in the following magazines : Vogue
Italia, Vogue Russia, Numero France, Numero China,
Harper’s Bazaar Spain. Txema Yeste lives in Barcelona,


Special Edition - Bella Hadid Jewelry
Harper's Bazaar Spain (Editorial)
published: April 2016
Numero China April 2016 Cover
Numero China (Magazine Cover)
published: April 2016
Marie Claire South Africa April 2016 Cov...
Various Covers (Magazine Cover)
published: April 2016
Marie Claire Czech Republic April 2016 C...
Marie Claire Czech Republic (Magazine Cover)
published: April 2016
The Voice of the Universe
Vogue Russia (Editorial)
published: April 2016
Harper's Bazaar Spain April 2016 Cover
Harper's Bazaar Spain (Magazine Cover)
published: April 2016
Vogue Russia April 2016 Cover
Vogue Russia (Magazine Cover)
published: April 2016
Marie Claire U.S. March 2016 Cover
Marie Claire Magazine U.S. (Magazine Cover)
published: March 2016
Rhythm and blues
Numéro (Editorial)
published: March 2016
Numéro March 2016 Cover
Numéro (Magazine Cover)
published: March 2016
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