Tatsu Yamanaka

Makeup Artist



He was born in Tokyo and moved to Paris in 1992. He has built a successful career in Paris, with his work featured in fashion magazines, advertising and numerous fashion shows in Paris and Milan.
Tatsu’s creation comes from his deep understanding of skin, textures, colour and an understanding of the emotions that surround human beings. His incredible talent of balancing colour and lighting give him the recognition that deserves from photographers and stylist n the fashion and advertising industry.
Tatsu is currently based in Paris and travels the world.


Vogue Russia (Editorial)
published: December 2017
photographer: Amira Fritz
Le Grand Entretien
Lui Magazine France (Editorial)
published: October 2017
photographer: David Bellemere
The Autumn Legends
Vogue Russia (Editorial)
published: September 2017
photographer: Amira Fritz
SKP Magazine (Editorial)
season: Fall/Winter 2017
photographer: Hasse Nielsen
IO Donna July 2017 Cover
IO Donna (Magazine Cover)
published: July 2017
photographer: David Bellemere
Lady Emblem L'Eau 2017
Montblanc (Advertising)
season: Spring/Summer 2017
photographer: Cedric Bihr
Couture Club
Vanity Fair France (Editorial)
published: March 2017
photographer: Jean Baptiste Mondino
A love life
Elle Hong Kong (Editorial)
published: February 2017
photographer: Thiemo Sander
She Likes Fashion
Elle Italia (Editorial)
published: February 2017
photographer: Alexei Hay
Elle Italia February 2017 Cover
Elle Italia (Magazine Cover)
published: February 2017
photographer: Alexei Hay

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