Sevda Albers



Born in northern Germany and grown up in Hamburg.
Creating and developing ideas for agencies like Fork,
BBDO, RAPP Germany and clients like MTV, Nivea,
BMW, airberlin have provided her with experience in
different fields for both local and international markets
and in the role as art- and creative-director.

Still, her heart will always beat for fashion so working
directly within a clients headquarter at a well known
worldwide fashion retailer in Stockholm was a natural
step. Her approach is wholistic and the perspective

Recently she has been working exclusively in the field
of fashion photography and concepts, producing
internationally in the USA and Sweden for clients like I
love Fake (NL), Sleek Magazine (DE), Fashionisto (US),
Fucking Young (ES), Hunger Magazine (UK) Vanidad
(ES), Couch (DE), ONE Mag (US), Vice Magazine (DE),
Cake Mag (AU), J'n'c Magazine (DE), Ten Magazine (ES),
H&M, Adidas x Opening Ceremony, Ethel Vaughn,
S.Oliver, New Yorker, Puma, frontlineshop, and many


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