Rui Faria



Nationality: United States
Founder of the iconic British Fashion Magazine VOLT
and a leading beauty photographer, Rui is currently
based in London where he lives and works.
He is renowned for the technical prowess & originally
of image.
Educated at the prestigious "Museum School of Fine
Arts" in Boston as well as the "Fashion Institute of
Technology" (FIT) in New York. Rui has travelled
around the world on assignment for publications such
as VOGUE (Taiwan), Numéro (Russia), Wonderland,
Wylde, Diva (Austria) VOLT, Conde Nast (Germany)
and regularly contributes to Marks & Spencer,
Harrods creating memorable images.


Mojeh Magazine October 2017 Cover
Mojeh Magazine (Magazine Cover)
published: October 2017
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Mojeh Magazine (Editorial)
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Crowning Glories
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published: August 2017
Neon Wilderness
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published: June 2017
Petal To The Metal
L'Officiel Singapore (Editorial)
published: May 2017
Issue Number 9 S/S 2017
S Magazine (Leica) (Magazine Cover)
published: May 2017
Á Pintura
Volt Magazine (Editorial)
published: April 2017
El fondo aporta luz
S Moda for El Pais (Editorial)
published: April 2017
Pastel is The New Black
Elle Serbia (Editorial)
published: April 2017
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