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Randy Tran

Based In

  • Los Angeles


Nationalities: United States, Vietnam
Los Angeles based fashion and beauty photographer Randy Tran started his professional career back in 2008 while taking portraits in Atlanta, GA. He made his move to Los Angeles and started his professional photography journey in 2013. With the rise of social media, he transitioned from portraits to fashion lifestyle. Randy started his career photographing influencers, small brands, and editorials. He’s worked in-house with e-commerce brands and help create media branding, art direction, produced for production, and casting. Coming from portraits he loves capturing organic moments, natural feels, and creating a warm inviting tone in his photos while staying attentive to details.


WOW Digital-Curvature
The WOW Magazine (Editorial)
published: March 2021
Rollacoaster Magazine Spring 2021 Covers
Rollacoaster Magazine (Magazine Cover)
published: February 2021
Jay Reeves
Rollacoaster Magazine (Editorial)
published: February 2021
New Year New Me
Elle Vietnam (Editorial)
published: February 2021
Round And Round
Contributor Magazine (Editorial)
published: November 2020
Season of You
Elle Vietnam (Editorial)
published: October 2020
By Randy Tran
Elle Vietnam (Editorial)
published: October 2020
Rustic Source
Elle Vietnam (Editorial)
published: April 2020
My Star
Elle Vietnam (Editorial)
published: February 2020
Fiona Xie
Schön Magazine (Editorial)
published: September 2018

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