Melis + Dainon

Other credits: Casting Director, Producer

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  • New York


Melis+Dainon are New York-based fashion & beauty photographers and casting directors. They met while attending Punahou high school in Hawaii and have been together for 19 years. They cultivated their shared love for photography while attending business and law school and continued it after graduation. Ultimately, their drive to create and yearning for a life that better fit their personalities, creative instincts, and philosophies, led them to switch to a career in photography.

The duo are naturally nomadic and feel most at home when they are away from it, traveling around the world, learning new languages, and becoming familiar with various cultures. Their outdoor, natural light style reflects their love for adventure and beautiful places. Both artists prefer to immerse themselves in the environment - whether natural or architectural - rather than traveling around the world from white room to white room. Their models' engagement with the environment is interesting to these artists and the fashion comes alive when seen in context.

Melis+Dainon's images have a natural high-end aesthetic that always focuses clearly on their subject. Creating a strong, engaging character who is never typical or forgettable. Their eye for tomorrow's faces and dedication to selecting unique features and diverse models in all respects, led them to become casting directors as well. Their hand-selected models help to ensure they can achieve the type of quality, attitude and connection that is consistent in their work.

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Kensie Summer 2018
Various Campaigns (Advertising)
season: Summer 2018
credits: Casting Director, Photographer, Producer
IKARIA Resort Wear Summer 2018
Various Campaigns (Lookbook/Catalog)
published: April 2018
credits: Casting Director, Photographer
IKARIA Resort Wear 2018
Various Campaigns (Advertising)
season: Spring/Summer 2018
credits: Casting Director, Photographer
Authentic Beauty Collection: Flaviana Ma...
Portrait (Other)
published: Spring 2018
Laugh Kiss Care Beauty Fall 2017 Campaig...
Various Campaigns (Advertising)
published: October 2017
credits: Casting Director, Photographer
InStyle China Icon Awards: Actress Celin...
Various Covers (Other)
published: August 2017
Vadim Ivanov
Portrait (Other)
published: June 2017
Ikaria Resort Wear 2017
Various Campaigns (Advertising)
season: Summer 2017
credits: Casting Director, Photographer
Lucire Magazine | Sonas Denim Sustainabl...
Lucire Magazine (Editorial)
season: Spring/Summer 2017
Actor Jesse Lee Soffer for Men's Fitness
Various Editorials (Editorial)
published: Spring 2017

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