Matthew Lyn

Photographer, other credits: Creative Director


Nationality: Canada
Matthew Lyn is a creative force as textured as his
own life story. Son of a Chinese Jamaican father and
Canadian mother, his visual inspirations hail from
his homes on distant shores of Runaway Bay to
those on the northern shores of Lake Ontario and
encompass the mosaic of urban and rugged
landscape he's travelled inbetween.

His eye for fashion photography has been
described as uniquely exhilarating and fresh, while
holding true to a bold classic edge. Much like his
history, his visual art transcends borders and
boundaries. Lyn launched into his photographic
journey in 2007, deeply moved by Jamaica’s coastal
beauty. From there, he aggressively channeled his
vision through experimentation, collaboration and
mentorship from highly acclaimed visual artists.
Despite no formal training, his early photos
captured the attention of industry insiders.
Encouraged by their support, Lyn solidified his
unique style, developing the moody, grand scale
fashion editorials that have become his signature.

Andy Whalen, Executive fashion director for Vogue
Nippon believes, "Matt is a young talent to keep an
eye on. He has a vision that I find refreshing and
inspiring." His portfolio is male-dominated, and
features blue-chip names like Simon Nessman and
Josh Beech; but again, Lyn avoids defining himself
as a male photographer. For him, the subject
matter is of lesser importance than the
juxtapositions that drive him - the angular and the
fluid, the light and the dark.

He currently divides his time between New York and
Montreal, Canada


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