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Lisa Marie Asubonteng



Based In

  • Düsseldorf


Nationalities: Germany, Ghana
Lisa Marie Asubonteng, is a Ghanaian-German Artist based in Germany.

Asubonteng means the raging river that feeds all organisms in the world.
As a visual artist, she emphasises realism and under-represented faces. Themes of identity and tradition characterise her work. Photographing is her way of capturing emotions and conveying meaningful messages.

Growing up in Stuttgart-West, Lisa Marie Asubonteng, born in 1997, was primarily interested in drawing and dancing, performing more in front of the camera than behind the camera.

The art of photography and fashion has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. Her mother plays a role in having a degree in fashion design and documenting her family's lives. Upon graduation from high school, she applied to colleges with design programs and enrolled at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Berlin, majoring in communication design. In 2022, she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree with a photographic story of women who stories dealt with physical and sexual abuse in Ghana entitled Holy Women.

Lisa Marie Asubonteng realized her first photographic fashion and portrait contributions during her studies. Moreover, she realizes moments in life through her photography in a manner more similar to an artistic performance than a documentary.

After graduating from university, she continued to work on upcoming stories, tutoring at different universities, contributing to increased career opportunities by developing relationships with collaborators and building her reputation gradually through social media.

Lisa Marie Asubonteng has worked with several international publications, including L'Officiel Homme Belgium, TheOnes 2 Watch, ZEIT Magazine Online, PAP Magazine, MPB, Braun Hamburg, Blonde Magazine and Mob Journals. She is the first woman of colour to publish the Holy Women on the February Cover of Photonews Hamburg in 2023. She is s


Only videos


The Ones 2 Watch (Editorial)
October 2022
L'Officiel Hommes Belgium (Editorial)
May 2022