Kai Z Feng


Other credits: Creative Director


Elle Belgium October 2015 Cover
Elle Belgium (Magazine Cover)
published: October 2015
Elle UK September 2015 Cover
Elle UK (Magazine Cover)
published: September 2015
A Brief History of Time
Elle UK (Editorial)
published: September 2015
English (is) Major
Seventeen Magazine (Editorial)
published: September 2015
Elle Uk August 2015 Cover
Elle UK (Magazine Cover)
published: August 2015
Elle Germany July 2015 Cover
Elle Germany (Magazine Cover)
published: July 2015
Elle South Africa June 2015 Cover
Elle South Africa (Magazine Cover)
published: June 2015
The Financial Times How to Spend it Cove...
The Financial Times-How To Spend It Magazine (Magazine Cover)
published: May 2015
Harper's Bazaar Thailand May 2015 Cover
Harper's Bazaar Thailand (Magazine Cover)
published: May 2015
Out Magazine April 2015 Cover
Out Magazine (Magazine Cover)
published: April 2015
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