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Julien Vallon


Master in Arts, followed by a degree in philosophy at the Sorbonne.

Artist photographer and director, Julien Vallon’s work is regularly exhibited (Milan, Paris, Arles, etc) and have been part of prestigious collections of the Rodin Museum (Paris) and the Villa Noailles Contemporary Art Center (Hyères).

Julien has directed several award-winning short films and is currently working on his first feature film.

For him, our body is a statement. It’s the essence of our identity. It has the power to tell stories. Julien listens to people’s bodies by capturing a precise movement, by seizing an attitude and proposes a reflection on our contemporary lives and their stories.

Each gesture becomes a word, each movement a sentence. The idea that the body can translate thoughts and feelings, that it expresses itself as a language made of attitudes and rhythms, defines Julien’s visual quest.

Like a substance, our multiple and plural bodies are seen under several angles to create new forms and tell the passions of the soul


Only videos


Cartier (Advertising)
September 2023
Cartier (Advertising)
January 2023


Zara (Advertising)
November 2022
Cartier (Advertising)
January 2022


Alaïa (Advertising)
June 2021
credits: Director
director: Julien Vallon


Mugler (Advertising)
July 2020