Jordan M

Hair Stylist


The Most Amazing Spring Clothing Showcas...
Yahoo Style (Editorial)
published: Spring 2015
photographer: Jerome Corpuz


Ansel Elgort
GQ Magazine U.S. (Editorial)
published: December 2014
photographer: Ben Watts
Better than Bare
WSJ (Editorial)
published: December 2014
photographer: Paul Maffi
Dress Up
Amica (Editorial)
published: December 2014
El Arte Del Abrigo
El Pais Semanal (Editorial)
published: November 2014
photographer: Daemian and Christine
Janice Alida
UnTitled Project Magazine (Editorial)
season: Winter 2014
photographer: Enrique Badulescu
Beloved Rebel: A History of the Leather ...
The Line (Editorial)
season: Fall/Winter 2014
photographer: Matthew Sprout
Make yourself at Home
Marie Claire Magazine U.S. (Editorial)
published: September 2014
photographer: Boe Marion
Flash Back Dashing Time
Harper's Bazaar China (Editorial)
published: September 2014
Formal Order
Muse Magazine (Editorial)
published: Fall 2014
photographer: Erik Madigan Heck