Grant Thomas



Nationality: United Kingdom
At age 17 Grant was signed to world wide agency
Jed Root and has since aligned himself amongst
some of the finest industry creatives in the world.

With an enigmatic image and attitude to match,
Grant’s fashion photography has acquired him an
ever growing fan base that has seen him produce
work for Jalouse, Wonderland and 7th Man amongst

Unlike many photographers working in the industry
today, Thomas has generated an immense body of
work in a considerably short period of time, his
innate sense of awareness that seamlessly
translates any written or verbal concept into
consistently faultless beauty sets him aside as one
of the UK’s most exciting new creative talents.


Saints need sinners
Vogue.it (Editorial)
published: 05/03/2017
Molly Constable
Galore Magazine (Editorial)
published: December 2016
And Then I Met You
The Hunger Magazine (Editorial)
season: Fall/Winter 2016
HERM Studio F/W 16
Various Campaigns (Advertising)
season: Fall/Winter 2016
John & Valerie
Wonderland Magazine (Editorial)
published: September 2016
Wonderland Magazine (Editorial)
published: June 2016
Suitcase Magazine - East Of Eden
Various Editorials (Editorial)
season: Spring/Summer 2016
Big Country
Stylist Magazine UK (Editorial)
published: February 2016
Land of the wild soul
SLIMI Magazine (Editorial)
published: January 2016
I sleep standing up
The Hunger Magazine online (Editorial)
published: January 2016

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