Darren Knight

Fashion Editor/Stylist


Lady Boho by Tamara Arne
L'Officiel Switzerland (Editorial)
published: October 2015
photographer: Tamara Arne
Contributor 8
Contributor Magazine (Editorial)
published: December 2013
photographer: Paul Scala
Albino Apparel (Online Exclusive) by Osk...
Spanish V Magazine (Editorial)
season: Spring/Summer 2013
photographer: Oskar Gyllenswärd
Stay Cool Hang Loose
Homme Style (Editorial)
published: December 2012
photographer: Philip Riches
I the east my pleasure lies
Glass Magazine (Editorial)
season: Spring/Summer 2011
photographer: Benjamin Kaufmann
Eric by Fabrice Jacobs
Glass Magazine (Editorial)
season: Fall/Winter 2010
Her Angel's Face
Glass Magazine (Editorial)
published: September 2010
photographer: Felix Lammers
Keira Gormley by Carl
Glass Magazine (Editorial)
published: February 2010
photographer: Carl Bengtsson
Intimate Session
Tush (Editorial)
published: December 2008
photographer: Felix Lammers

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