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Born in Provence, Clément Jolin left his native France to study film at the Australian Film Institute in Sydney. Taking a path steered by his love of light and the sun, Clément moved to the US and graduated from the prestigious UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). His continuous interest in photography lead him to study the subject at the Art Center Pasadena, California, under the mentorship of photographer Paul Jasmin.

Clément’s work has an appreciation of clean beauty, natural simplicity with an emotional aesthetic. His distinctive style originates from his early days as a music / fashion film director in Los Angeles. Here Clément became interested in the use of a superimposed technique, giving him the ability to voice his feelings in one, often multi-layered image. His travel imagery along with a sensitive use of natural light for portraiture, reportage or fashion has caught the eye of a multitude of luxury clients globally.

Clément Jolin is a visionary multi media photographer and artist, now based in London. His passion includes shooting vast landscapes combined with the banal beauty of the moment. His unique, superimposed imagery has been used in a wide variety of interesting projects, ranging from gallery installations, hotel room designs, and advertising campaigns and most recently in his new book "Portraits de Ville Cannes” which was launched as part of a series by Be-Pole Publishing.


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