Celine Lefebvre

Casting Director


Peer Pressure
MONROWE Magazine (Editorial)
published: December 2015
photographer: Guy Aroch
Soft Sparkler
Harper's Bazaar China (Editorial)
published: March 2015
photographer: Yu Cong
In The Pink
Dujour (Editorial)
published: Spring 2015
SID Magazine (Editorial)
published: January 2015
SID Winter 14 / Pre-Spring 15 Covers
SID Magazine (Magazine Cover)
published: December 2014
Life Vest
Vogue Ukraine (Editorial)
published: November 2014
photographer: Paul Morel
Bright Eyes
Dujour (Editorial)
published: Fall 2014
photographer: Raf Stahelin
The Graphic Design of Spring
Dujour (Editorial)
published: March 2014
Aline by Raf
Dujour (Editorial)
published: December 2013
photographer: Raf Stahelin
Celine Lefebvre Portrait 2013
Portrait (Other)
published: April 2013

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