Benoit Pailley

Ph: Benoit Pailley | Benoit Pailley



Still Life Photographer


Self Service
Stylist Magazine France (Editorial)
published: April 2016
Question de Styles
Les Echos (Editorial)
published: December 2015
The New Golden Age of Jewelry
Les Echos (Editorial)
published: November 2015
Creative France Fall 2015 Campaign
Various Campaigns (Advertising)
season: Fall/Winter 2015
Special Advertising Supplement
American Vogue (Other)
published: September 2015
Plus Pool Campaign 2015
Various Campaigns (Advertising)
season: Spring/Summer 2015
Cochonou Sausage Campaign
Various Campaigns (Other)
published: Spring 2014
Benoit Pailley
Portrait (Other)
season: Spring/Summer 2012

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