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Álvaro Gracia


Álvaro Gracia uses a keen artistic eye to infuse every individual photograph with emotional range and depth, forging dream-like experiences and taking viewers on an intimate journey through his mind.

His growing portfolio emphasizes the sublime while conveying feelings of nostalgia, fragility, and melancholy. “My work is profoundly influenced by my childhood. As a child, I was stigmatized for being too sensitive and vulnerable—qualities considered unacceptable for a young boy,” Initially frowned upon, this sensitivity was later crystallized in his own beauty language.


Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America (Editorial)
published: July 2021
Todas As Cores
Vogue Portugal (Editorial)
published: June 2021
You Better Work
Issue South America (Editorial)
published: June 2021
Look who's there
Elle Russia (Editorial)
published: April 2021
Let's Dance!
L'Officiel Hommes Brasil (Editorial)
published: December 2020
Photography Alvaro Gracia for L'Officiel...
Various Editorials (Editorial)
published: December 2020
Risbel Magazine (Editorial)
published: November 2020
The Color of Freedom
Various Editorials (Editorial)
published: September 2020
Global VMen: César Vicente
V Man (Editorial)
published: August 2020
Water Nostalgia
L'Officiel Austria (Editorial)
published: July 2020

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